`US to strengthen network of defence alliances`

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said the country is working on to strengthen its network of defence alliances to retain its status as a world power.

US breaks Pentagon-Russian arms exporter ties

The passage of the bill came several hours after Russia and China vetoed for the third time a UN Security Council resolution on Syria.

Pak may spend over Rs 910 bn on defence in 2012-13

Pakistan`s actual spending on defence could amount to 31 percent of the next fiscal year`s budget of Rs 2.96 trillion, a report said.

House panel backs $642 bn US defence bill

The US defence bill calls for construction of a missile defence site on East Coast, restores aircraft and ships slated for early retirement.

`US facing challenges from rising powers in Asia`

The US military will increase its institutional weight and focus on enhanced presence and deterrence in Asia-Pacific.

LeT`s annual military budget is $ 5.2 mn

The annual military operations
budget of LeT is a whopping USD 5.2 million.