US slams N Korea offer on nuclear tests as 'implicit threat'

The United States slammed an offer by North Korea to suspend future nuclear tests temporarily if Washington cancels military drills with the South as an "implicit threat."

Iran's army tests suicide drone in drills

Iran's army has deployed a suicide drone for the first time in massive ongoing military drills near the strategic Strait of Hormuz at the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

North Korea urges South Korea to cancel military drills with US

North Korea Thursday urged South Korea to cancel its joint military exercises with the US scheduled to start later this month.

North Korea warns US-South Korea military drills could spark disaster

North Korea took its demand for the United States and South Korea to halt joint military drills to the United Nations, holding a rare news conference on Friday to warn that the exercises could get "out of control and plunge into unimaginable disaster."

South Korea rejects North`s warning over military drills

South Korea on Thursday rejected North Korean warnings to call off scheduled joint military exercises with the United States and vowed "severe" retaliation to any provocation from Pyongyang.

Taiwan`s navy launches surface-to-air missile

Taiwan`s navy launched its premier surface-to-air missile from the deck of a warship on Thursday, its first test of the weapon in six years, destroying a drone simulating a Chinese air attack.

`India-China military drills to ease tensions`

Joint defence exercises being planned by the Indian and Chinese militaries later this year would send a positive signal to ease recent border tensions, analysts said.

Chinese Army performs military drills

The Chinese army has conducted a series of military drills over the past few weeks to finetune its capabilities of amphibious operations.

Russia to join military drills with Canada

A group from the Russian armed forces will take part in the military drills with the US and Canada to be held next Monday in North America

India, Russia prepare for INDRA-2012 drills

Since 2003, India and Russia have conducted five of the INDRA-series joint ground and naval exercises.

N Korea threatens S Korea`s Presidency over drills

South Korea conducted large-scale military drills near a front-line island attacked by the North last year.

South Korea holds live-fire military drills near border

About 1,100 troops, dozens of artillery systems participated in drills.

North Korea threatens to attack South Korea, US

The warning comes a day before S Korea begins annual military drills with US.

North Korea backs away from threat to attack South

North Korea backed off threats to retaliate against South Korea for military drills Monday and reportedly offered concessions on its nuclear program.

S Korea starts live-fire drills amid tensions with N Korea

S Korea`s military has begun a
major live-fire exercise stoking tension in the Korean Peninsula.

N Korea warns of “brink of war”; South names new defence minister

A US military commander headed to the island targeted by North Korean attack.

`Headley put his kids through military drills`

Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley, jailed in the US for his role in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, made his children do military drills in a Chicago park, a media report said.

N Korea declares `sacred war` on US, South

N Korea calls upcoming US-South military drills as unpardonable provocation.

China concerned over US-ROK military drills

Joint military drills between US, S Korea will be held by early September.