China cyber crime cooperation stalls after U.S. hacking charges

Fledging cooperation between the United States and China on fighting cyber crime has ground to a halt since the recent U.S. indictment of Chinese military officials on hacking charges, a senior U.S. security official said on Thursday.

China to audit military officials in move to fight graft

Chinese military officials will face audits before they can retire or get promotions, state media reported on Tuesday, although a lack of transparency could limit the effectiveness of the latest measure against corruption.

Iranian military officials take on US verbally

Iran upped the verbal ante against the US ahead of the NAM Summit, with senior military officers attacking Washington, calling it a "Great Satan".

Taliban announce beginning of spring offensive

A new Pentagon report claimed that the militants` fighting spirit was low.

Lankan military officials encouraged to write on civil war

Sri Lankan senior military
officials have been encouraged to write their experience
during the three-decade old civil war with the LTTE rebels
that ended in May 2009.

Canada`s top military officials in India to discuss security perspectives

A 15-member delegation of high ranking Canadian military officials is in India to identify similarities between Indian and Canadian security perspectives, common challenges and paths for solutions.