Serbia salutes Putin but sees future with Europe

 Russian President Vladimir Putin is guest of honour at a military parade in Belgrade on Thursday to mark 70 years since the city`s liberation by the Red Army, a visit loaded with symbolism as Serbia walks a tightrope between the Europe it wants to join and a big-power ally it cannot leave behind.

Russia stages big Victory Day parade amid Ukraine crisis

Tanks rumbled across Red Square and fighter jets screamed overhead on Friday in Russia`s biggest Victory Day military parade in years, fuelling patriotic fervour as President Vladimir Putin rallies his people over the Ukraine crisis.

Vladimir Putin `to visit Crimea` for May 9 military parade

President Vladimir Putin will make his first visit to the Crimean peninsula since Russia annexed the territory in March, reports said Wednesday, in a move to bolster public support amid simmering tensions in Ukraine.

South Korea stages largest military parade for a decade

South Korea staged its largest military display for a decade today, as President Park Geun-Hye warned of the "very grave" threat posed by North Korea`s nuclear weapons programme.

Iran to hold military drill

The exercise will be held in Gilan-e-Gharb district of Kermanshah province from October 29-31.

Yemen: Suicide bomber kills 96 at military parade

A bomber blew himself up in the middle of the battalion that was rehearsing for an Army parade.

N Korea marks anniversary with big military parade

The military parade was staged to mark the 63rd anniversary of North Korea`s founding.

Russia marks Victory Day with vast parade

Russian President said the country is committed to peace, global stability.

N Korea readies `biggest ever` military parade: Report

About 10,000 soldiers have been deployed to Mirim air base since July.

Eleven killed as bomb tears through Iran military parade

A bomb tore through a military
parade in Iran on Wednesday killing 11 people as the Islamic republic
showcased its weaponry at events marking the start 30 years
ago of the bloody Iran-Iraq war.

Iran displays advanced missile at military parade

Iran has displayed an advanced
missile capable of reaching Israel at a military parade on the
30th anniversary of the start of the Iran-Iraq war.

Myanmar leader issues election warning at military parade

Myanmar`s junta chief warned on Saturday against "divisive" and "slanderous" election campaigning as a senior official said the controversial polls would be held by early November.