Russia withdrawing troops from Ukraine border: US

Russia has withdrawn "several thousand" military personnel from the Ukrainian border in the past few days but tens of thousands of soldiers remain deployed in the region, a US defense official said Tuesday.

Meditation helps military personnel fight stress

Mindfulness training - a combination of meditation and body awareness exercises - can help help soldiers prepare for and recover from stressful combat situations, a study showed.

New Zealand to keep military team in Afghanistan

New Zealand has announced it will keep a small team of military personnel in Afghanistan to help coalition forces after it formally withdraws from the country in April.

US reduces number of military personnel in Pak

Pakistani Army said the strength of American military personnel in the country should be reduced to the "minimum

China bans military personnel from socialising on Internet

Chinese soldiers have also been barred from using the Internet outside the Army without permission.

Military personnel to have their dental records preserved

The Defence Ministry has embarked
on a mammoth task of collecting and preserving dental records
of the nearly 15-lakh strong armed forces for identifying
casualties in combat.