'Mindfulness meditation' may improve sleep quality in older adults

A new study has suggested that older adults may be able to sleep better with help of "mindfulness meditation."

30 minutes of daily meditation may reduce anxiety and depression

A new study by Indian origin researcher has revealed that meditating for 30 minutes daily may help improve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Meditation can change gene expression

Scientists have found the first evidence that mindfulness meditation can reduce levels of pro-inflammatory genes which can lead to faster physical recovery from a stressful situation.

It`s official! Meditation does have health benefits

Researchers have claimed to have gathered evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a period of mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation can help smokers kick the butt

Researchers have found that smokers trained with a form of mindfulness meditation known as Integrative Body-Mind Training (IBMT) curtailed their smoking by 60 percent.

Mindfulness meditation prevents depression, cuts chronic pain

Brown University scientists have shed light on why does training in mindfulness meditation help patients manage chronic pain and depression.

Mindfulness meditation `may help relieve chronic inflammation`

Mindfulness-based stress reduction, originally designed for patients with chronic pain, consists of continuously focusing attention on the breath, bodily sensations and mental content while seated, walking or practicing yoga.

Meditation can stave off cold and flu: Study

Meditation can be extremely effective at preventing winter ailments like cold and flu, according to a new research.

How mindfulness meditation helps maintain healthy mind

Researchers demonstrate that mindfulness actually involves a broad framework of complex mechanisms in the brain.

Mindfulness meditation reduces loneliness in older adults

Loneliness is a major risk factor for health problems — such as cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer`s — and death in older adults.