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Uganda passes anti-pornography law, bans miniskirts

The Ugandan parliament has passed an anti-pornography measure banning miniskirts and other clothing considered to be sexually explicit, a media report said.

Colombians march in miniskirts over rape comments

A group of women dressed in miniskirts have mobilised outside of one of Colombia`s most-famed nightspots to protest comments by its owner that a woman`s high hemline may have contributed to her alleged sexual assault.

Swazi chief bans miniskirts and trousers for women

A Swaziland chief banned women from wearing miniskirts and trousers at a two-day nomination process that got under way on Sunday to select candidates for upcoming elections.

Indonesia to ban miniskirts for female MPs

Women`s groups expressed
outrage on Tuesday after Indonesia`s parliament said it would draft
rules banning female lawmakers from wearing provocative clothing.

Indonesia to ban miniskirts for female PMs

Fauzi "Foke" Bowo said that
a spate of rape cases on the city`s public minibuses were
triggered by victims` miniskirts.

Women can dress as they wish: Malawi leader

A spate of recent attacks on women wearing pants and miniskirts has prompted Malawi`s President statement.

Sri Lanka mulls ban on miniskirts at public places

Cultural ministry is considering public petitions for a ban on mini skirts.

Italy town says no to miniskirts that are too mini

If an Italian mayor of a small Italian seaside town has his way, law enforcement officials, and not fashion gurus, will be the ones to decide.