US vows to go ahead with missile shield

The US and NATO say the shield will come into full operation by around 2020 and is to protect against "rogue" states such as Iran.

Russia accuses US envoy of arrogance over missile shield

Lavrov said US ambassador Michael McFaul had "arrogantly" rejected Russia`s concerns about US missile shield plans.

US open to work with India on missile shield

The offer was made by Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence Robert Scher who said that the Indo-US defence ties were valuable and critical.

Russia warns to walk out of new N-treaty over missile shield

Russia threatened to walk out of a key nuclear arms cut treaty if the US continued to deploy in Europe the missile defence shield, which is seen by
Moscow as a challenge to its atomic deterrence.

US, Russia still divided on missile shield

Moscow leaders say, missile defense plan could be aimed at Russian missiles.

US, Russian presidents hold impromptu summit

Medvedev`s participation in Lisbon marked the first meeting between a Russian president and the 28-nation alliance since his country`s 2008 war with Georgia.

NATO invites Russia to join Europe missile shield

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev agreed to involve technicians in development plans.

NATO to erect missile shield for Europe: Obama

NATO plans to invite Russia to join the missile shield effort.

US to activate missile shield over south Europe

US seeks to shore up regional defences in face of a missile threat from Iran.

Romania, US begin negotiations on missile shield

A Romanian official
says negotiations have begun with the US on placing
anti-ballistic interceptors in Romania as part of a revamped
US missile shield.

Iran begins making anti-cruise missile shield

Iran began building a powerful missile defence system which can fire 4,000 shots per minute and destroy cruise missiles heading towards the country.

Arms deal with Russia to mention missile shield: US Ambassador

The United States and Russia have
agreed that a new arms control treaty will mention a link
between offensive nuclear arms and defences against them, the
US ambassador to Moscow said on Thursday.

NATO chief mulls missile shield if Iran gets bomb

NATO would protect its member countries and populations with an anti-missile shield if Iran got its hands on a nuclear bomb.

`Russia, US could deploy joint missile shield against Iran`

Russia and the US could deploy a
joint missile shield to protect Europe from Iranian long-range
missiles in future, a former Russian general has said.