Biggest mistakes became my career's triumphs: Taylor Swift
Biggest mistakes became my career's triumphs: Taylor Swift

Singer Taylor Swift says she does not regret making mistakes in her career and feels her shortcomings have often turned into her biggest victories.

Bayern Munich eager to learn from late lapses in Manchester City
Bayern Munich eager to learn from late lapses in Manchester City

Bayern Munich`s 3-2 loss at Manchester City on Tuesday could not have come at a better time for coach Pep Guardiola, who said his side would learn from the mistakes that led to a first defeat since August.

I'm no cricketing God, says Sachin Tendulkar
I'm no cricketing God, says Sachin Tendulkar

For many, the name Sachin Tendulkar spells God. Many more worship him, dedicating pandals and creating larger than life size statues. But the greatest run-scorer in cricket has revealed that he is a mere mortal, who makes mistakes.

Balotelli needs love, says Italy coach Prandelli

Maverick striker Mario Balotelli needs love and will eventually learn from his mistakes, Italy coach Cesare Prandelli said on Monday.

Mao made "mistakes", says Chinese President

In a rare move, Chinese President Xi Jinping acknowledged that `Chairman` Mao Zedong made "mistakes" but asked people to adopt a "correct" historical view to judge a revolutionary figure, who had changed the face of the nation.

Voges says Warner will learn from his mistakes

Australian batsman Adam Voges has said that David Warner will learn from his mistakes like he learnt the hard way that drinking and cricket need to be managed carefully.

6 mistakes women make in a divorce

When a woman hears the words "I want a divorce," the turmoil of the separation can propel her to make some horrible mistakes that can cause a lot of trouble later.

Will Smith`s Men in Black 3 tops list of most blunder-filled films of 2012

Will Smith`s latest flick `Men in Black 3` has been named the most error-filled movie of 2012 in a new poll.

Brains determine how people react to mistakes

People who think they can learn from their mistakes have a different brain reaction to mistakes than people who think they can’t get smarter, according to a new study.

Alcohol dulls brain into making mistakes

Alcohol dulls the brain signal warning people about mistakes, reducing their self control.

Clooney learns from mistakes

Actor George Clooney says he isn`t proud of everything he did in his career and that he always tries to learn from his poor performances.

Blake Lively will not repeat Lindsay Lohan`s mistakes

It seems `Gossip Girl` star Blake Lively has learnt a lesson from the mistakes of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan and has said she would refrain from committing the same blunders.

Brad Pitt admits to making ‘parenting mistakes’

Brad Pitt has revealed that although he is not a terrible father to his six children, he has made some parenting mistakes.

Lohan`s mistakes teaching her younger sister

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan thinks that her younger sister Ali has learned `what not to do` by watching her mistakes.

Syria`s Assad confident unrest over, acknowledges mistakes

Syria`s embattled President says he believes the unrest roiling the country is
coming to an end while acknowledging that security services
had made mistakes in trying to tame a two-month revolt
threatening his regime.

Rumsfeld admits `possible` Iraq troop mistakes

Former US Defence Secy Rumsfeld has conceded his Iraq troop decisions may have been wrong.

Rumsfeld admits `possible` Iraq troop mistakes

Donald Rumsfeld said that the world was better off without Saddam Hussein.

Judges should own up mistakes and correct it: SC

The Supreme Court on Tuesday said if
judges commit mistake in their judicial decisions they should
be open to correct the mistakes.

I made mistakes, am not a role model, says Campbell

Naomi Campbell says she doesnt want to be regarded as a role model as she has made many mistakes" in her life.

Charges against Anderson were not diluted: Chidambaram

The government on Wednesday said that
charges against former Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson
were not watered down and even patted the CBI for standing on
its ground to seek his extradition on serious charges despite
the then Attorney General opining to the contrary.