US House approves bill averting government shutdown

US lawmakers voted Wednesday to extend funding for federal operations into December, likely preventing a repeat of last October`s disastrous government shutdown.

US House passes two-year budget plan; Senate vote next week

The Republican-controlled US House of Representatives on Thursday passed a two-year, bipartisan budget plan that would end some automatic spending cuts on federal agencies and replace them with more targeted government savings.

Indian-American negotiator quits as aide to top Republican

A key Indian-American Republican aide who played a key role in avoiding possible government shutdown in the US over disagreement on the national debt in the Senate, is set to quit his job.

US politician takes on group for criticizing wife

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell lambasted a liberal group for criticizing the Asian heritage of his wife, former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, calling its Twitter messages "racial slurs" and "the ultimate outrage."

US Congress wants to keep Myanmar import ban

The Senate and House of Representatives voted separately to extend the ban on all imports from Myanmar, first imposed in 2003.

US confirms Derek Mitchell as Envoy to Myanmar after 22 yrs

Derek Mitchell, who was till now the Special US Representative and Policy Coordinator for Myanmar, is expected to leave for that country soon.