Obama the defender: the idol comes down to earth

America`s first African-American President Barack Hussein Obama is today engaged in a tough race to regain the White House.

Obama blasts game-playing Romney for ‘scaring’ auto workers

President Barack Obama has blasted Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney on his statements about Chrysler outsourcing Jeep production to China.

Obama, Romney tied in exceedingly close race

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are tied in an exceedingly narrow race with the challenger viewed as a stronger leader on the economy.

Stop China bashing, state media tells Obama, Romney

The commentary, which appeared Tuesday, noted that US politicians have "a notorious record of rounding on China during election seasons."

Round Two: Obama, Romney prepare for showdown

President Barack Obama`s supporters are hoping he will deliver a "more assertive performance" and gain an edge over Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Americans prefer Obama as babysitter: Poll

Americans would prefer President Barack Obama as a babysitter for their children, according to some off-beat questions in a voter survey.