New smartphone technology for secure 3D displays
New smartphone technology for secure 3D displays

By adding an array of tiny lenses to an ordinary smartphone, a team of optical engineers has found a way to securely display three-dimensional (3D) images and store data by simply scanning a series of Quick Response (QR) codes - without accessing the internet.

More than half of traffic to come from mobile devices: Linkedin

Professional networking site Linkedin today said more than half of its traffic is going to come from mobile devices very soon.

No. of Internet users in India to reach 24.3 cr by 2014: IAMAI

The number of Internet users in India is expected to rise 18.53 per cent in the coming eight months to reach 24.3 crore by June 2014, on the back of higher adoption of mobiles as a means to access the Internet, a report today said.

Twitter key source for `mobile` news: Survey

Twitter is finding a niche among younger US adults who monitor the messaging service for news on mobile devices, a survey showed today.

Majority say their firms implementing cloud services: Survey

VMware`s fourth annual Cloud Index study, conducted by Forrester Research across 12 Asia Pacific countries including India, reveals that 89 per cent of the respondents covered in India believe Cloud Computing is relevant to their firms.

Majority of smartphone owners compulsively check devices hourly

Majority of smartphone owners in the United States compulsively check handsets at least hourly, according to a new survey.

Mobile devices being used to end marriages on the rise

Twenty-five thousand people from the UK will be using mobiles, PCs and tablets to get divorced from their spouse in 2013, a survey has suggested.

HP developing glasses-free 3D tech for mobile devices

Hewlett-Packard Co. has developed a method that will allow users to view 3-D videos on mobile phones without using glasses.

Google unveils magazine reading application

Google is joining a crowd of companies packaging digital content in a magazine-like format for mobile devices.

Now, pressure-sensitive touch screens for mobile devices

A UK firm has come up with a material that exploits a quantum physics trick, which could lead to the development of handheld devices with pressure-sensitive touch-screens and keys.