`North Korea to punish mobile phone users`

North Korea has warned its citizens against use of cell phones inside the country.

In N Korea, mobile phone users are ‘war criminals’

North Korea has long relied on a total restriction of information to maintain control over its isolated citizenry.

Apple halts iPhone retail sales in China

Enraged Chinese shoppers pelted Apple Inc`s flagship Beijing store with eggs and shoving matches with police broke out when customers were told the store would not begin sales of the popular iPhone 4S as scheduled.

7-year in jail for robbing cell worth of Rs 1000!

Robbing a labourer of his mobile phone worth less than Rs 1000 proved costly for a youth who has been sentenced to 7 year in jail by a Delhi court.

Apple releases iPhone battery drain software fix

Apple Inc on Thursday released a software update for its iOS 5 operating system to fix complaints on the performance of the new iPhone 4S battery.

RIM investigates reports of BlackBerry delays

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion was investigating reports some users experienced delays, but said on Wednesday it was not fighting an outage similar to the one that took down its service for four days last month.

Mobile phones could be `health time bomb`

The debate over whether mobile phones could cause cancer has been raging for years. Now, a group of leading scientists in Britain claims that cell phones could be a "health time bomb".

Samsung surpasses Apple in smartphones

Samsung Electronics Co surpassed Apple Inc as the world`s top smartphone maker with more than 40 percent shipment growth, and forecast strong sales in the fourth quarter, as it aims to consolidate its lead against rivals.

Mobile phones `don`t cause cancer`

Danish scientists have claimed that prolonged usage of mobile phones is not linked with the risk of brain tumours.

BlackBerry launches market outlook apps

Now BlackBerry users can access market outlook from their smart phones, with the new application that has been just launched.

BlackBerry makes up for disruption with free apps

Blackberry`s Canadian maker, Research in Motion (RIM), Monday offered its 70 million customers applications worth over $100 as a gesture of appreciation for the "patience during the recent service disruptions".

One out of six mobiles contaminated with fecal matter

Owners don’t wash their hands properly and thus give way to the potentially nasty E. coli bacteria to enter the handset.

Apple unveils faster, more powerful iPhone

Apple Inc. unveiled a new iPhone on Tuesday that is faster and more powerful but stops short of a more radical upgrade. It said Sprint customers will now be able to use one.

Apple to unveil new iPhone

Apple Inc looks set to introduce its iPhone 5 at a special event next week.

Cops barred from using mobile phones in court

The move followed a decision at a high-level meeting Thursday to discuss the high court`s security in wake of two blasts within a span of three months, said Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) secretary DK Sharma.

Brits are hypocritical over mobile phone usage in public

A new study has shown that though most Britons get irritated by public use of mobile phone, they continue to do so themselves.

9 out of 10 Brits use their mobile phones for shopping

More than nine out of ten Britons use their mobile phones to either research or make new purchases.

Evidence "increasingly against" phone cancer risk

Despite a recent move to classify mobile phones as possibly carcinogenic, scientific evidence increasingly points away from it.

Evidence "increasingly against" phone cancer risk

Despite a recent move to classify mobile phones as possibly carcinogenic, scientific evidence increasingly points away from it.

Strong mobile phone radiation disturbs learning

They proved that extremely high-powered electromagnetic fields (EMFs) indeed influence learning processes on the synaptic level within the brain, independent from other factors like stress.