Karnataka MLAs` panel slammed for blaming mobiles for rise in rape cases

In a recommendation stoking controversy, a committee of the Karnataka Legislature has proposed a ban on mobile phones in schools and colleges as a step to curb incidents like rape.

e-filing of complaints on mobiles; Delhi Police develop Apps

Soon people will be able to file reports about loss of documents or reoprt a crime on through an indigenously developed messaging service of Delhi Police which will be acknowledged by a receipt digitally signed by police officials.

Don`t talk to kids on mobile: Juhi Chawla

Actress Juhi Chawla in her new role as an anti-radiation activist today advised parents not to talk to their young kids on cell-phones to preempt any risk to their health from radiation.

Extreme use of cellphones may increase brain cancer risk

A new study has revealed that people who use phones excessively are highly prone to brain cancer.

Soon, a device that lets users charge their phones using wind energy

Trinity is a handy wind turbine which lets users charge their phones using wind energy

Mobile more important to Twitter than Facebook

Usage of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook reportedly depends on mobile experience , with smartphones working more in favour of the microblogging site than the latter.

Let Apps decide your valentine

Be it deciding your look, gift or romantic destination, apps can make your Valentine`s Day special.

Now, `micro-windmills` to power your cellphone

Researchers have developed tiny " micro-windmills" that they have claimed can potentially revive the dead batteries of your cellphone in just a few minutes.

Facebook annual report reveals major shift to mobile

Facebook annual report has revealed that it is successfully making the shift to mobile with almost 50 percent of users accessing the social networking site on their mobiles worldwide.

Mobile carriers failed to use tech fixes to thwart spying: Expert

The world`s mobile phone carriers have failed to implement technology fixes available since 2008 that would have thwarted the National Security Agency`s ability to eavesdrop on many mobile phone calls, a cyber security expert says.

Twitter to launch cookie based retargeted ads on mobile

Twitter is reportedly going to roll out retargeted ads fuelled by browser cookies to target mobile users based on what they surf on the web.

Himachal Pradesh`s prisoners to run mobile canteens

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh flagged off three mobile canteens from the state capital that will be operated by inmates of the state`s jails.

Time spent on screens can affect eyesight

The British spend an average of 11 hours a day looking at screens, reveals a new survey, stressing on its detrimental effects on the eyesight - reduced blink rate and tear evaporation.

Now, charge your mobile just by walking!

A new power generating device, called Genneo, has been developed that can charge electronic devices with human movement.

Mobile weight loss apps don`t help users change lifestyles

A new study has suggested that mobile apps that help people lose weight are lacking when it comes to strategies for changing their behaviour.

Mobile service provider asked to pay Rs 5 lakh to customer

A district consumer forum has asked a mobile phone service provider to pay Rs 5 lakh to a customer for deficient service.

SP disapproves of govt`s proposed free mobile scheme

Samajwadi Party disapproved of the Centre`s proposed move to distribute mobiles to each village family and tablets to students.

Maharashtra may ban camera mobiles in colleges

The Maharashtra government has sought views of principals and teachers on a proposal seeking ban on using camera mobile phones in colleges and university campuses across the state to prevent "cyber crimes".

Adults spend almost 91% of time on mobile phone

Ninety-one percent of adults own cell phones and apparently spend 91 percent of the time using them for talking or texting, a study on American adults have revealed.

Mobile that can change shape on-demand to be unveiled

Researchers including one of an Indian origin have developed prototype mobile devices that can change shape on-demand, and will be unveiled today - Monday, the 29th of April.