NDMA organising mega drill on earthquake

National Disaster Management Authority is organising a series of drills to generate greater public awareness about the vulnerability to disasters with specific emphasis on earthquakes.

Mockdrill for medical response to quake, fire, bla

A mock drill will be held in Delhi under which simulated situations will be created across the city to check medical response system of prominent hospitals.

Mock drill at Delhi Metro stations

Mock drills are regularly conducted at Metro premises to check preparedness to tackle different situations.

Mock drill at New Delhi Railway Station

The drill simulated scenarios depicting a terrorist attack at the station.

`Mock drill conducted 2 days ahead of 26/11`

Abu Jundal, the alleged handler of 26/11 terrorists, has made a startling revelation that a mock drill was conducted in Pakistan just two days ahead of the Mumbai terror attacks to ensure the success of the operation.

Maharashtra Force One conducts mock drill

Formed post-26/11 to combat terror strikes, the Maharashtra Force One conducted a mock drill at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in the wee hours of Sunday, sources said.

Mock drill carried out at Parliament House

A security drill was conducted at the Parliament House this morning to check the preparedness of the security agencies in case of a terror strike.

Mock drill death: Four firemen suspended

Four firemen were suspended on Sunday
for their "negligence" during a mock drill.

Woman dies after fall during mock drill

A 24-year-old woman factory worker fell to her death from the third floor of the unit during a mock fire drill.

London holds pre-Olympics terror attack drill

Emergency services, forces to carry out largest emergency practice drill ever seen in the British capital ahead of the 2012 Olympics.

Mock drill conducted in Srinagar

A mock drill to meet the
eventualities in case of natural calamities like floods, fires and earthquakes was conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Police and Civil Defense volunteers, an official said Friday.

Mock drill held at parliament ahead of budget session

A mock drill was conducted at the Parliament House on Thursday morning to check the preparedness of various agencies in the event of an emergency.

Mock drill at South Delhi mall

A mock drill was conducted at
a shopping mall in South Delhi ahead of the Republic Day to
check the preparedness of security forces in case of a terror

Mock drill at Mumbai airport to test preparedness

A multi-agency mock drill was conducted to assess preparedness in the event of a bomb threat.

Mock drill in Kolkata airport

Passengers were evacuated from the
airport here as police and bomb disposal squad searched for an
`explosive` planted in the domestic terminal during a mock
drill on Saturday to test the alertness of staff and securitymen.

Mock drill at India Gate, Supreme Court building

A mock security drill was
conducted at two vital installations in central Delhi on Sunday to
check the preparedness of security agencies in dealing with
terror strikes.

Guj DGP admits lapse in mock drill, terms it an accident

Admitting that there were
lapses during the anti-terror mock drill in Surat city last
month where an Inspector was shot at, Director General of
Police S S Khandwawala today said the incident was "purely an

Mock drill firing: Gujarat ATS officer alleges negligence

An inspector associated with
Gujarat`s Anti-Terrorist Squad, who was shot during a mock
drill at Surat city airport last month, has termed the
incident as negligence on part of the senior officer who shot
at him.

Gujarat probes shooting of inspector by officer

A probe has begun into an incident where a senior police officer shot an anti-terrorist squad (ATS) inspector during a mock drill in Surat last month, though the state Home Ministry had termed it an "accident" at that time.

Mock drill at IGI to check security arrangements

A mock drill was conducted at the
Indira Gandhi International airport here today to check the
preparedness of security agencies ahead of Republic Day, the
second such exercise this week.