Morsi backers call for 18 days of Egypt protests

An Islamist alliance backing deposed president Mohamed Morsi called for 18 days of protests from Friday, as Egypt on January 25 marks three years since the revolt that ousted his predecessor.

Life-size statue of Egyptian pharaoh uncovered

A life-size statue of the nineteenth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, Ramses II, was unearthed in the Nile delta town of Tel-Basta Thursday, media reported.

Egyptian Islamist groups deny role in bomb attack

Egypt`s main Islamist groups have denied responsibility for the assassination attempt on Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim as several liberal groups accused the Muslim Brotherhood of involvement.

Egypt minister warns of terrorism wave after assassination attempt

Egypt`s Interior Minister survived an assassination attempt unscathed when a car bomb blew up next to his convoy and gunmen strafed his vehicle.

Egypt vows to crack down on terrorism with iron hand

Egypt`s cabinet vowed Thursday to strike terrorism with "an iron hand”, hours after Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim survived an assassination attempt in a bomb explosion in eastern Cairo.

Attempt to smuggle out Nasser`s rare collections foiled

An attempt to smuggle out the personal camera, rare texts of the speeches and pictures of late Egyptian president and a pivotal figure in the NAM movement Gamal Abdel Nasser was foiled.