Brazilian nature reserve saves endangered monkey from extinction

An environmental reserve in Brazil that four decades ago began gathering the surviving Golden Lion Tamarins has prevented the extinction of one of the most endangered species of primates in the world.

Experimental vaccine provides 'long-term' immunity against Ebola in monkeys

 A new study has revealed that experimental vaccines have shown to provide "long-term" immunity against Ebola virus in monkeys , the raising a prospect of successful human trials.

Monkeys believe in `winning streaks`

Do monkeys, like humans, have hot-hand fallacy? Yes, reveals a new study.

Did humans swap brains for brawn?

Why humans are far more intelligent than their closest living relatives like monkeys and apes may be because our ancestors swapped brains for brawn, a study has suggested.

Chinese Army`s `new secret weapon`: A battalion of monkeys!

The Air Force of the People`s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has trained a group of macaques to help protect an air base close to Beijing.

Scientists teach monkeys to do math

Researchers have taught three rhesus monkeys to do simple addition using the numbers 1 through 25, a feat which provides the best evidence yet that the primates can perform basic arithmetic.

Monkeys can locate objects without more than a sideways glance

A new research has claimed that monkeys, like humans, are able to ascertain where objects are located without much more than a sideways glance.

Monkeys use brain to move 2 virtual arms

Monkeys were able to control the movement of both arms on an avatar using just their brain activity, a new study has suggested.

Studies in monkeys may be next step in search for HIV cure

A powerful infusion of HIV-fighting antibodies beat back a potent form of the virus in monkeys and kept it at bay for weeks, U.S. government scientists and a team led by Harvard University found, offering a potential next step in the battle against human HIV.

Brain has specific radar for snakes: Study

Snakes tend to arouse sharp fear in monkeys, apes and humans, and scientists said Thursday they have found specific brain cells that fire off a rapid warning for slithery danger.

Rs 6 crore spent on feeding monkeys in sanctuary by Delhi govt

Delhi Government`s forest department has spent a whopping Rs six crore in feeding over 16,000 monkeys at the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary in South Delhi in the last six years.

Monkeys in alpine areas not result of global warming: Scientist

Monkey sightings at high altitudes are not a symptom of global warming, despite a growing perception that climate change is altering the primates` habitat range in alpine areas of Japan.

2 -drug combo helps monkeys fight Middle East coronavirus

Scientists have reported that a combination of two licensed antiviral drugs reduces virus replication and improves clinical outcome of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection in mokeys.

Monkeys have reasoning powers like primitive humans

Scientists have suggested that intelligent animals like apes may have some sort of mind reading capability , as they have the ability to intuit each others` intentions.

Baby mandrills doing well at Tata zoo

The two newborn baby mandrills, the largest of all monkeys and easily identified by the blue and red skin on their faces, are doing well at the Tata Steel zoo here.

Monkeys damage crops on 15,596 hectares of Agri land: J&K Govt

Monkeys have been annually damaging various type of crops covering over 15,000 hectares of land in Jammu division of the state.

Monkeys synchronize movements with peers just like humans

Primates modify their body movements to be in tune with others, just like humans do, according to Japanese researchers.

`Being popular runs in the family for monkeys`

Scientists have found that being popular actually runs in the family - at least for monkeys!

Lady Tarzan? Woman `raised by monkeys in jungle`

Marina Chapman learnt how to catch birds and rabbits with her bare hands after being abandoned in the jungle by kidnappers.

Vietnam soldiers dismissed over tortured monkeys

Three Vietnamese soldiers have been dismissed from the military after photos of them torturing two endangered monkeys.