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New research identifies role of mood in making decisions

In their study, Gross and his fellow researchers used a smartphone app to randomly survey the activities and moods of more than 60,000 people over an average of 27 days, and found that mood plays a strong role in how people decide to spend their time each day.

Five reasons why you should take a brisk walk every single day!

Here are some health benefits that you'll get from walking.

Uplift your mood with smartphone-based exercises, says study!

Such applications could represent a useful addition to the psychotherapeutic options currently available.

Five ways for a stress-free, happy life!

But, happiness is a choice. It depends on how well we can control over our emotional well-being, no matter what happens.  

Easy tips and hacks to deal with mood swings!

Mood swings occur when you can go from happy to extremely sad in a moment without any reason or anything that triggers it. It can happen any time at any place. 

The sound of your voice can affect your mood!

A study from the French National Center For Scientific Research (CNRS), published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) journal, has found that we are unaware of our emotional expressions and that our mood can be changed without our knowledge.

Inherited sleep, activity measures linked to bipolar disorder

In the first study of its kind, scientists have identified 13 inherited traits related to sleep, wake and activity cycles that are associated with severe bipolar disorder. Researchers also were able to tie the traits to specific chromosomes, providing important clues to the genetic nature of the disorder, as well as potential new avenues for prevention and treatment.

Sleeping on the right side of bed makes us grumpy: Study

It's better to sleep on the left side of the bed if we want to get the day off to a good start, according to the findings of a survey.

Feeling depressed? Food can change your mood

A new study has revealed that being pleasantly surprised or disappointed with a food can actually change a person's mood.

Listening to sad music won't improve mood

 Music can have tremendous power over emotions, but listening to sad or aggressive music to improve the mood can backfire, suggests new research.

Feeling blue? You may not perceive colours accurately

Taking the association between our mood and colours beyond a mere metaphor, new research has found that feeling sad can impair our ability to accurately identify colours on the blue-yellow axis.

How to de-stress after a hectic day at work!

Here are a few tips to unwind after a hectic day.

App to empower your mood

App to empower your mood

Do you know what time of the day your brain is either nervous or happy? An app can decode this so that you can better perform assigned tasks at work or home.

Aquariums can lower BP, improve mood

Viewing aquarium displays may not only improve your mood after a hard day at work, the exposure may also lead to reduction in blood pressure and heart rate.

Brain develops differently in bipolar disorder

In adolescents with bipolar disorder, key areas of the brain that help regulate emotions develop differently, a new Yale study has found.

I&B looks to sentiment analysis to judge mood on social media

To gauge the mood of people on social media, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has begun relying on "sentiment analysis" of people's responses on such websites to judge their perceptions on various issues.

Electrical impulses to alter your mood via smartphone

Electrical impulses to alter your mood via smartphone

Feeling low and lethargic? Worry not -- a new device can lift your mood at the touch of a button.

Cow's noses are windows into their moods

Cow's noses are windows into their moods

 Scientist have recently found that a cow's nasal temperature can easily tell about its mood and how it feels.

Now, device that zaps your brain to change mood

Now, device that zaps your brain to change mood

A new device has been recently developed that can zap people's mind to change their mood.

Indian researcher develops new device to track status of heart

An Indian researcher here has developed a wearable device that he claims can help one track the status of heart, both in medical and emotional terms.