Muslim rebels joyous, but wary, at peace prospects in Philippines

Joyous shouts of "Allahu akbar" echoed across the headquarters of the Philippines` biggest Muslim rebel group as a pact to end four decades of bloodshed was signed, but there were also fears war clouds had yet to pass.

Philippines, Muslim rebels seal historic peace deal

The biggest Muslim rebel group in the Philippines signed an historic pact Thursday to end one of Asia`s longest and deadliest conflicts, promising to give up their arms for an autonomous homeland.

Philippines, Muslim rebels set for historic peace deal

The biggest Muslim rebel group in the Philippines will sign a peace deal on Thursday aimed at ending four decades of deadly conflict that has condemned millions in the nation`s far south to brutal poverty.

Philippines frees top Muslim rebel

The Philippine government has freed a top Muslim rebel whose recent arrest had threatened to jeopardise a peace deal to end one of Asia`s longest running insurgencies, both sides said.

Philippines signs peace deal with Muslim rebels

The Philippines government signed a historic peace accord with Muslim rebels who were involved in a four-decade insurgency.

Philippines says peace talks near `stalemate`

The 12,000-strong MILF has waged a rebellion since the 1970s, and the conflict has claimed up to 150,000 lives.

Gunmen storm Philippine city jail; 3 killed

Police blamed former members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, but a spokesman for the rebel group denied the claim.