World Malaria Day 2015: Join the fight to defeat malaria

Irengbam Jenny

Malaria is a mosquito borne infectious and communicable disease caused by parasitic protozoa, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquitoes. Around 3.3 billion people in 106 countries are at risk of this life-threatening disease.

New brighter light bulbs attract less insects

Researchers are developing new kind of light bulbs that are less attractive to specific insect species, including disease-spreading mosquitoes.

Chemical to trap malaria mosquitoes identified
Chemical to trap malaria mosquitoes identified

In what could give a boost to malaria control efforts, researchers have discovered that pregnant malaria-transmitting mosquitoes are drawn to the odour released by a naturally occurring chemical cedrol.

DNA: Abu Azrael, the 'Archangel of Death' for ISIS

Abu Azrael, an Iraqi soldier, dubbed the “father of the archangel of death”, has gained celebrity status for his role in fighting back against Islamic State.

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Study linking malaria transmission, mosquitoes` sexual biology may yield new target for control

A new study has revealed that malaria transmission is linked to mosquitoes' sexual biology, which can lead to new methods of disease control, particularly in regions hardest hit by it.

Mosquitoes fight off infection after sucking blood

 Ever wondered how mosquitoes shuttle disease causing parasites from one person to another while keeping themselves safe?

'Natural plant compounds to combat mosquitoes'

 Researchers have discovered new natural plant compounds that could lead to a new class of safe and effective pesticides to control mosquitoes.

Genes of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes mapped

Researchers have determined the genetic sequencing of 16 mosquitoes belonging to the Anopheles genus to understand why only certain mosquitoes transmit malaria to humans.

Not all mosquitoes can transmit malaria
Not all mosquitoes can transmit malaria

 A genetic study has revealed that certain species of mosquitoes have evolved to better transmit malaria than even some of their close cousins.

Delhi reports 781 dengue cases till November 22

 There has been a spurt in dengue cases in the national capital and its adjoining areas which reported a total 781 cases till November 22, civic officials said today.

How mosquitoes acquired taste for human blood
How mosquitoes acquired taste for human blood

A new study has revealed that body scent first attracted mosquitoes to acquire the taste for human blood.

Gut bacterium may make mosquitoes less vulnerable to malaria, dengue

A new research has observed that bacterium isolated from the gut of an Aedes mosquito can reduce infection of mosquitoes by malaria parasites and dengue virus.

Dengue cases up in Delhi

The number of dengue cases in Delhi and its adjoining areas have risen to 158, authorities said Tuesday.

 Another dengue patient dies in SCB Hospital, toll rises to 7

Yet another dengue patient from Kalinga Nagar area of Odisha's Jajpur district died at the SCB Medical College and Hospital here today taking the toll in the disease in the hospital to seven in past three months.

Dengue cases in Odisha rise to 2,076

The number of dengue cases in Odisha rose to 2,076 with the state health department Tuesday confirming 120 new cases since Sunday.

South Asian nations pledge to fight vector-borne diseases

Health ministers of South Asian countries including India Tuesday pledged to control and eliminate vector-borne diseases like malaria, kala azar and lymphatic filariasis in the region.

Over 25,000 Delhi houses issued notices for mosquito breeding

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation has issued legal notices to over 25,000 houses and challans to various offices after finding conditions favouring mosquito breeding, a statement said Tuesday.

Odisha health dept join hands with other dept to fight dengue

The Health and Family Welfare department has sought active cooperation from industries, steel and mines, home and housing and urban development departments to tackle the vector-borne disease.

Dengue cases rise to 26 in Delhi, NCR

The number of dengue cases in the national capital and its adjoining areas rose to 26, civic officials said Tuesday.

Dengue fever on the rise in Vietnam

The number of people infected with dengue fever is on the rise in southern Vietnam.