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Indian Army doctor saves lives on Mount Everest

For about 70 climbers on Mount Everest base camp, hit by the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Captain Ritesh Goel of the Indian Army was a life saver.

Nepal quake: Where an injured comatose man lies all alone

 Dilraj Giri lies comatose on a bed at a hospital. The other beds are all occupied by the injured, with worried attendants hurrying about them. But Giri lies all alone among beeping machines. One among many who were left badly injured and without families when an earthquake struck Nepal.

US announces fresh aid of USD 9 million for Nepal

The US has announced fresh aid of USD 9 million for quake-hit Nepal as it launched relief and rescue mission in the Himalayan nation, sending a disaster response team alongwith rescue dogs to search for survivors.

The day my world was reduced to rubble: Eyewitness

The main earthquake, which struck Nepal on Saturday morning with a magnitude of 7.9, did the maximum damage in the capital and other places, with the aftershocks adding their bit. Within minutes of the ground shaking, several building in the valley had collapsed, leading to a large number of casualties. Medical Engineer Avash KC, like thousands of other residents in the Kathmandu, lived through the worst hours of their lives in the first couple of days. Here`s his first-hand account as told to IANS.

Around 200 rescued from Mount Everest

 Around 200 people have been rescued from the Mount Everest, Nepal`s tourism ministry said on Tuesday and added that 19 people are dead.

DNA: Nepal quake impact could exceed 20% of GDP

This terrifying video shows the moment an avalanche of snow hit climbers at Everset base camp after the Nepal earthquake.

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DNA: Drone footage of Kathmandu devastation

Amateur drone footage has emerged showing the extent of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

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Earthquake early warning systems in Japan

Quake moves Kathmandu but Everest height unchanged: Experts

Quake moves Kathmandu but Everest height unchanged: Experts

An earthquake that devastated Nepal and left thousands of people dead shifted the earth beneath Kathmandu by up to several metres south, but the height of Mount Everest likely stayed the same, experts said Tuesday.

After Nepal quake and avalanche, Everest climber not yet ready to quit

Climber Nick Cienski has not given up on his world record bid to scale six 8,000-metre peaks this calendar year, despite narrowly escaping a huge avalanche on Mount Everest set off by an earthquake that killed thousands of people in Nepal.

Nepal earthquake: 22 killed as avalanche sweeps Everest base camp

At least 22 climbers have died near the base camp of Mt Everest where hundreds of climbers, including many foreigners, are stranded after an avalanche triggered by Nepal’s massive earthquake slammed into a part of the camp on the world’s highest peak.

Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises to 4310, survivors express frustration at slow response to crisis

Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises to 4310, survivors express frustration at slow response to crisis

Shock turned to anger in Nepal on Tuesday, as some of the tens of thousands of people stricken by the weekend`s devastating earthquake expressed frustration at what they said was their government`s slow response to the crisis.

Nepal scrambles to organise quake relief, many flee capital

Nepalese officials scrambled on Monday to get aid from the main airport to people left homeless and hungry by a devastating earthquake two days earlier, while thousands tired of waiting fled the capital Kathmandu for the surrounding plains.

Nepal earthquake: Death toll crosses 4000, scores missing; shortage of supplies looms large

Nepal earthquake: Death toll crosses 4000, scores missing; shortage of supplies looms large

Crisis loomed over quake-hit Nepal on Monday following shortage of food, water, electricity and medicines as fear drove tens of thousands of people out into the open and the death toll soared past 4,000 amidst fears that it could touch 5,000.

Nepal earthquake: Zee Media exclusive report from Lukla airstrip base

Zee Media reporter Sai Manish reports exclusively from Lukla airstrip base.

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Quake also devastates impoverished Nepal`s economy

 Nepal, one of Asia`s poorest countries, faces a crippling multi-billion dollar post-quake reconstruction bill that will set it back years, just as its economy was looking up after a decade-long civil war.

Pashupatinath Temple unharmed in Nepal's devastating quake

The famous 5th century Pashupatinath Temple here has survived the massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake that flattened several World Heritages like iconic Dharhara tower and Darbar Square in Nepal.

Nepal earthquake: Over 150 stranded in Everest camps

 More than 150 mountaineers are still stranded in two camp sites of Mt. Everest following a powerful earthquake in Nepal on Saturday, a senior government official told reporters at a press conference on Monday.

Chaos reigns at Nepal's only international airport

Chaos prevailed at Nepal's only international airport here today with hundreds waiting to be evacuated from the earthquake-ravaged country as India and other nations scurried to bring back their panic-stricken citizens.