Grateful for my movie career: Katherine Heigl

`27 Dresses` star Katherine Heigl feels `grateful` for her acting career. The 35-year-old actress, who is making her TV comeback in new show `State of Affairs` later this year, had earlier said that the string of romantic comedy roles she did in the past had left her unsatisfied as an actor.

Kapil Sharma to cut down his comedy show for movie career

Kapil Sharma, is set to embark on a movie career and he says the show would have to revert to its one-episode-per-week format due to time constraint.

David Beckham set for Hollywood career?

It seems football icon David Beckham is set for a big money transfer to Hollywood. He was seen enjoying meal with a top movie mogul.

Kerry Katona eyes movie career

Kerry Katona is desperate to launch a blockbuster movie career.

Lady Gaga eyes movie career

After taking the music world by storm, Lady Gaga is quietly plotting to launch her film career.