Mozambique government, Renamo opposition sign peace deal

Mozambique`s Frelimo government and the Renamo main opposition party have signed a formal end to hostilities, sealing a peace pact ahead of a presidential election scheduled for Oct 15, negotiators from both sides said.

Renamo rebels say ceasefire signed with Mozambique government

Maputo: Mozambique`s government and the rebel movement Renamo have signed a ceasefire ending two years of armed conflict, Renamo said on Sunday.

Mozambique presidential candidate campaigns from bush hide-out

Mozambican opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama will launch his presidential election campaign by telephone from his remote mountain hideout, his spokesman said Tuesday.

Mozambique mulls sovereign wealth fund

Mineral-rich Mozambique is considering the establishment of a sovereign wealth fund, the country`s finance minister said Thursday.

5 miners killed, dozens trapped in illegal Mozambique gold mine

Mozambique police said Thursday at least a dozen people were trapped underground after an illegal mine collapsed in the northern district of Memba, killing five miners.

Mozambique president inaugurates Chinese-built palace

Mozambique President Armando Guebuza inaugurated an opulent new Chinese-built presidential office complex in the capital Maputo on Friday.

China-Japan ‘war of words’ now stretches into Africa

Japan has reportedly alleged that China is luring African leaders with expensive gifts and offerings, as the two pledge big money to the African nations.

Pilot intentionally crashed Mozambique plane

The pilot of the Mozambique Airlines plane that crashed in Namibia last month, killing all 33 people on board, had intentionally brought the plane down, a media report said.

Missing Mozambican plane likely crashed: Police

A Mozambican Airlines plane that went missing with 34 people on board likely crashed over inhospitable bush in northeastern Namibia, police said early Saturday as they searched for the jet.

Mozambique Airlines plane crashes in Namibia, killing 34

A Mozambique Airlines plane en route to Angola crashed in a game park in northeast Namibia killing all 34 people on board, Namibian police said on Saturday.

Antarctica crust similar to South India, Mozambique: Study

The crust of Antarctica is similar to that of South India and Mozambique, which indicates that the three were joined together in the past.

Mozambique army launches retaliatory attack on Renamo

Mozambique`s army launched a retaliatory attack on the mountain headquarters of the opposition Renamo movement on Friday, a day after a rebel ambush in which seven soldiers were killed, senior Renamo and government officials said.

Mozambique women caught trying to smuggle drugs worth Rs 15cr

Two female Mozambique nationals were arrested from international airport here for allegedly trying to smuggle out 30 kgs of Methaqualone drugs valued at Rs 15 crores, a senior Customs official said.

Zuma cancels trip as Mandela`s condition worsens

Ailing Nelson Mandela`s health has deteriorated further, forcing South African President Jacob Zuma to cancel his trip to Mozambique.

Mozambique`s Frelimo protests suspected rebel attacks

Activists of Mozambique`s ruling Frelimo party staged nationwide marches to protest against deadly armed attacks that rocked the country.

Six soldiers killed in attack on Mozambique armoury: Reports

Armed men have killed six soldiers in a pre-dawn attack on a military weapons depot in central Mozambique, independent television reported.

At least 7 dead in Mozambique violence

Mozambican authorities say they have made some arrests after recent attacks and fighting between police and alleged members of an opposition group killed at least seven people.

Mozambique kills 13 crocodiles to stop man-animal conflict

Wildlife authorities in Mozambique have killed 13 crocodiles in an effort to stop what they termed "animal-human conflict", Xinhua reported.

11 Pakistani sailors freed in Mozambique

Eleven Pakistani sailors detained at a port in Mozambique for illegally docking their ship have been released after 21 days, Xinhua reported Tuesday.

Mozambique highway collision kills 14

Police in Mozambique say 14 people died when a tire burst on a speeding minibus, causing the driver to lose control and collide with an oncoming vehicle.