Why did Khaleda Zia celebrate `birthday` on August 15?

In an act that stretches the limits of political rivalry, Bangladesh opposition leader Begum Khaleda Zia chooses to celebrate her `birthday` on August 15.

Gaddafi sheltered Mujibur killers: Hasina

Gaddafi in 1996 had written a letter to Hasina requesting her to forgive her father`s killers.

SC rejects petition by convict in Mujibur Rehman case

Bangladesh Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a petition by a convict in the murder case of the country`s founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman challenging the trial on procedural grounds.

B`desh seeks deportation of Mujibur’s assassins from US

Bangladesh has sought from the United States the deportation of its first president Mujibur Rahman`s killers who are reportedly living in that country.

B’desh retrieves document awarding 4 Indians for 1971 support

Bangladesh authorities said on Tuesday they
retrieved a 34-year-old document containing an "unimplemented"
order by Mujibur Rahman
awarding four Indian artistes for their inspiring role during
1971 Liberation War.