Al Qaeda's Zawahiri threatens jihad across Indian subcontinent

In a video posted online on Wednesday,Al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahiri promised to spread Islamic rule and "raise the flag of jihad" across the "Indian subcontinent".

For one US soldier, five Taliban leaders freed; Mullah Omar calls it `big victory`

In a rare public statement, Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Mohammad Omar on Sunday hailed the release of five senior insurgents in exchange for US soldier Bowe Bergdahl as a `big victory`.

Pakistan frees three senior Afghanistan Taliban leaders

Pakistan has quietly released three senior Afghan Taliban leaders, including a close aide of Mullah Omar, as part of efforts to facilitate the reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

In a book, Afzal Guru praised Taliban chief Mullah Omar

In a book released seven months after his execution, Parliament attack convict Mohammad Afzal Guru had praised Taliban chief Mullah Mohammad Omar for standing up to the United States and allied forces in Afghanistan.

Mullah Omar says kidnappings `bringing bad name` to Taliban

Mullah Mohammad Omar has admitted recently that some of Taliban`s area commanders were involved in the business of kidnapping for ransom, bringing bad name to the Taliban movement.

Mullah Omar can run for President in 2014 polls: Karzai

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai wants the elusive Taliban chief Mullah Omar to run for President in next year`s election so that people could "vote for or against him".

‘Taliban warlord Mullah Omar had mental breakdown’

Taliban’s reclusive leader Mullah Omar has had a mental breakdown, one of his close aides has claimed.

Mullah Omar, aides living in Pakistan: US General

A top American general based in Afghanistan has said that reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Omar is hiding in Pakistan along with his commanders.

NATO calls Mullah Omar’s Eid statement ‘insane’

Taliban’s reclusive leader Mullah Omar claimed victories on the battlefield against NATO.

Taliban leader Mullah Omar taunts US, Britain

Taliban leader Mullah Omar has been on the run for more than a decade and has even been reported dead.

Osama plotted with Omar against NATO, Pak targets

Leaders of al Qaeda and the Taliban closely planned attacks against NATO troops in Afghanistan, a document has revealed.

`Mullah Omar didn’t send letter to Obama`

The Afghan Taliban are denying their leader Mullah Omar wrote to President Barack Obama last July.

`Taliban leader Omar sent letter to Barack Obama`

The White House received a letter last year purported to come directly from Mullah Omar.

Mullah Omar talking peace with US

The one-eyed Omar, who has escaped the US manhunt since his regime was ousted in late 2001.

Mullah Omar confirms peace talks with US

It is the first time the Taliban has publicly raised the prospect of a peace settlement after over 10 years of fighting.

Mullah Omar never figured in most wanted list: FBI

Afghan-Taliban`s secretive head Mullah Omar`s name has been quietly removed
from the FBI`s list of most wanted terrorists, Pak media has claimed.

Don`t kill civilians, warns Taliban chief

Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar urged
his fighters to avoid civilian casualties amid a rising toll of insurgent killing.

US ready to talk to Taliban chief Mullah Omar

Haqqani network’s commander had warned US that only the Quetta Shura could negotiate a peace deal.

Mullah Omar beyond Pak control: Mush

Pervez Musharraf described Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar as absolutely obstinate and semi-literate.

Afghans scuttle US-Taliban talks

Afghan govt is reportedly infuriated over US` secret meetings with Mullah Omar`s personal emissary.