Mafia, murderers and other malefactors: Sicily for policemen

With the Cosa Nostra (the original Mafia) in Sicily, the Camorra in Naples and the Campania region, the 'Ndrangheta in Calabria among others, Italy is a fertile source for crime fiction - especially police procedurals.

New details emerge of murderers` NY prison break
New details emerge of murderers` NY prison break

Two murderers escaped from jail using hacksaw blades supplied by an enamored prison worker and equipment stolen from a toolbox left by construction workers, officials said Monday.

Two convicted murderers executed in public in Somalia

Two men convicted of murdering a journalist and a security official were executed in public in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Sunday, officials said.

Murderers wander with machetes at idyllic Philippine prison

One hundred convicts armed with machetes wander through a vast prison without walls in one of the Philippines` most beautiful islands, a unique approach to reforming criminals.

US denounces `heinous` murder of Pakistani woman

The United States Thursday condemned the "heinous" killing of a pregnant Pakistani woman beaten to death outside a courthouse, and called for her murderers to be swiftly tried.

Florida arrests murderers who fled prison

Authorities in Florida arrested today two convicted murderers who used forged documents to escape from life prison terms.

Uttar Pradesh cop`s two murderers held in Mumbai

Two brothers, who killed a policeman and a college principal, were arrested in Mumbai Saturday by a joint team of Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh police, an official said.

Iran hangs two murderers: Report

Iran has hanged two men convicted of murder, in executions carried out in prison in the central city of Isfahan, the Etemad newspaper reported.