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Here is why you should drink milk daily!

Milk should be included in their daily diet for healthy lifestyle.

Men, women have different reasons for heart failure

 In men the heart muscle that encircles the main heart chamber grows bigger and thicker with age, while in women, it retains its size or gets somewhat smaller, reveals a new study of the ageing hearts of nearly 3,000 adults.

Young, fit people lose more muscle mass if inactive

If you stop using your legs just for two weeks, you would lose a third of your muscular strength even if you are quite young and strong, says a new study.

Inactivity causes rapid loss of muscle strength

It only takes two weeks of not using their legs for young people to lose a third of their muscular strength, leaving them on par with a person who is 40-50 years their senior, new research says.

Caloric restriction key to keeping muscles young

A new study has revealed that cutting calories can be beneficial for aging muscles.

Strengthen your hip muscle to ease walking pain

People with clogged leg arteries rely more on muscles in the back of the calf when they walk to compensate for weakness in certain hip muscles, shows a new study.

Muscle-bound ex-Germany star Tim Wiese eyes wrestling career

Muscle-bound ex-Germany star Tim Wiese eyes wrestling career

Ex-Germany goalkeeper Tim Wiese says he has completed his first couple of training sessions to prepare for a career in the wrestling ring having packed on 40kgs (88lbs) of muscle.

Scientists grow leg muscle from cells in dish

Researchers have grown a mature and functional leg muscle in a mouse using a new approach for tissue engineering.

Benefits of climbing stairs!

Climbing stairs is the best way to burns calories than taking a traditional walk and it increases chance of achieving weight loss. 

Mind critical in maintaining muscle strength

Mind critical in maintaining muscle strength

 A new research has shed light on the power of mental visualization in maintaining real-life muscle.

Stem cells may help mend 'broken hearts'

A new study has suggested that delivering stem cell factor directly into damaged heart muscle after a heart attack may enhance cardiac repair and reverse injury.

Researchers replicate movement in muscle grown from rat cells

A research team in Japan said Friday that it has succeeded in replicating contraction and stretching in a small muscle grown from rat cells, media reported Friday.

S-equol supplements improve reproductive health in post-menopausal women

In a recent pilot study it was discovered that after 12 weeks of daily 10 milligram (mg) doses of an investigational fermented soy germ-based nutritional supplement S-equol, have led to improvements in post-menopausal women who experienced in vaginal atrophy.

Men have 400 more active genes in muscles than women

Scientists have found that men have approximately 400 more active genes in their skeletal muscle than women.

How exercise keeps depression at bay

It is known that physical exercise has many beneficial effects on health and researchers have now found how exercise shields the brain from stress-induced depression.

Now, `Chairless Chair` that allows you to sit anywhere

A Zurich-based Startup Company has come with a "wearable chair" that can offer relief to production line workers and allow for better posture while performing their tasks.

Why obese workers get tired sooner

Workers who are obese may have significantly shorter endurance times when performing workplace tasks, compared with their non-obese counterparts, says a study.

`Trust hormone` oxytocin helps repair old muscles

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have discovered that oxytocin-a hormone associated with maternal nurturing, social attachments, childbirth and sex-is indispensable for healthy muscle maintenance and repair.

`Night owls` likelier to sit more and exercise less

A new study has revealed that people who sleep late at night tend to spend more time sitting and are less motivated to continue an exercise schedule.

Push-up – the ultimate bodyweight exercise to sculpt your chest!

How exclusively each muscle is targeted will depend on the variation of the push-up you’re going to do.