West Bengal elects eight Muslim MPs

While the representation of Muslims in the 16th Lok Sabha will be the lowest at 23, West Bengal with eight elected members from the community leads the country.

20 Muslim MPs in next 16th Lok Sabha

The 16th Lok Sabha will have one of the lowest numbers of Muslim MPs with just about 20 of them emerging victorious in the Lok Sabha polls which saw a saffron surge in the whole north and western parts of India.

In a first, Uttar Pradesh sends no Muslim to Lok Sabha

Amid many firsts in this Lok Sabha election, not one Muslim has been elected from Uttar Pradesh despite the sprawling state`s 19 percent Muslim population.

Muslim MPs welcome SC order on Haj subsidies

Muslim Members of Parliament sought an arrangement which will directly benefit the pilgrims and improve standards of the minority community.

Muslim MPs demand withdrawal of subsidy on Haj travel

Several Muslim MPs on Monday
demanded withdrawal of the subsidy on Haj travel.

Muslim MPs say reservation alone can help community

Four Muslim members of Parliament have demanded 10 percent reservation for Muslims across the country as recommended by the Ranganath Mishra Commission.