More than 400 child soldiers freed from Myanmar army in 2014: UN

 Myanmar`s military freed more than 400 child soldiers last year, the United Nations has confirmed, a record number since the "tatmadaw" army signed a 2012 pact with the UN on the issue.

Myanmar officer jailed for backing smaller army role in politics

Myanmar’s military has jailed an officer for two years for signing a petition supporting a constitutional amendment to reduce the army’s role in politics, the officer’s wife said Monday.

Myanmar army says deadly strike against rebels meant only as "warning"

The Myanmar army said that a deadly artillery attack on an insurgent military academy had been intended only as a "warning" strike, local media reported, amid mounting tensions ahead of renewed negotiations for a ceasefire.

Myanmar Army patrols central city after violence

Myanmar`s Army took control of a ruined central city on Saturday, regaining control after several days of clashes between Buddhists and Muslims that killed dozens of people.

Suu Kyi still fond of Myanmar Army

Suu Kyi`s father, Aung San, is considered the father of modern Burma, and founded its army.

Myanmar still recruits child soldiers: Report

Myanmar is still recruiting and using child soldiers, despite embracing democratic reforms and a UN agreement to end the practice, a human rights group said.