Mystery illness: Nails grow out of hair follicles

A woman has been labeled a medical mystery after falling victim to an unidentified illness that causes nails to grow out of her hair follicles, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

Polar bears losing fur from mystery illness

Polar bears in Alaska have been seen with missing patches of fur, and reports say it may be due to a "mystery illness" related to the nuclear accident at the Fukushima power plant in Japan.

Acupuncture ‘benefits those with mystery illnesses’

Patients with medically unexplained symptoms could greatly benefit from acupuncture.

Andre opens up about mystery illness

Peter Andre has opened up about his painful mystery illness.

Robbie Williams fighting mystery illness

Robbie Williams has revealed how he is fighting a "life-changing" mystery illness.

Lufthansa flight blocked as Japanese group falls ill

The take-off of a German flight to Tokyo was delayed after two dozen Japanese tourists on board fell ill with violent stomach cramps, German police said.