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US strike kills 18, including Afghan civilians: Officials

Esmatullah Shinwari, a Nangarhar MP, said the strike killed 13 civilian relatives of the local elder.

ISIS loyalists behead two men in Afghanistan: Reports

ISIS loyalists have reportedly beheaded two men in Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province for supporting the pro-government forces in their fight against the terror group.

US airstrikes kill at least 46 militants in Afghanistan

US airstrikes kill at least 46 militants in Afghanistan

At least 46 ISIS militants were killed after US-led coalition forces carried out airstrikes in Afghanistan, an official statement said.

US air strike accidentally kills five Afghan police: NATO

A US air strike killed five Afghan policemen during a joint operation against insurgents, officials said.

NATO helicopter mistakenly kills 4 Afghan troops

Afghan officials say a NATO helicopter mistakenly killed four Afghan troops in the east.

Six injured in Afghanistan car bombing

The incident occurred in the evening in Nangarhar province.