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Love cheat Natasha Giggs plans to work on winning back hubby Rhodri

Natasha Giggs, who cheated on her husband Rhodri with brother-in-law Ryan Giggs has revealed that she wants to rebuild her relationship.

Nicola McLean bonds with Natasha Giggs in Big Brother House

Despite their much-publicised Twitter row, Nicola McLean and Natasha Giggs have started getting along in the Big Brother house.

Natasha Giggs opens up on affair with brother-in-law Ryan on ‘Big Brother’

Natasha Giggs, spoke out about her much-publicised affair with her footballer brother-in-law, Ryan Giggs, in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

Natasha Giggs says Ryan is terrified she’ll tell all about affair on Big Brother

Natasha Giggs, who entered the famous doors of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on its opening night to become a housemate, has revealed that her brother-in-law Ryan will be “terrified” if she’ll tell all about their affair on the show.

Imogen Thomas lashes out at her rivals on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Imogen Thomas did not hold back her assessment of the launch episode of this year’s ‘Celebrity Big Boss’, which appeared to have been made up of her rivals.

Natasha Giggs gets awkward greeting from Nicola McLean at CBB house

Nicola McLean gave an awkward greeting to Natasha Giggs as they came face to face in the Celebrity Big Brother house after their public feud over sex scandal.