Hundreds flee wildfire in Spain`s Costa del Sol

Around 600 people were evacuated from a village in Spain`s Costa del Sol as a wildfire threatened to engulf homes in the tourist hotspot, local authorities said.

Electronic eye system to check rhino poaching in Kaziranga

With the alarming rise in the number of poaching cases, the state forest department has decided to implement the electronic eye system at Kaziranga National Park to save the rhinos.

Kaziranga to reopen on November 1

Kaziranga National Park, famed for its one-horned rhino, will open for tourists on November 1.

Goa asked to ensure proper mining closure plan is implemented

Environment Minister asked Goa government to ensure that a proper and rigorous mining closure plan is implemented "in quickest possible time".

Rajaji Park likely to become tiger reserve in a month

Uttarakhand`s famous Rajaji Park which recently got the status of a National Park is likely to become a tiger reserve in a month, a senior forest official said on Monday.

US lawmakers propose national park on Moon

US lawmakers are pushing a plan to establish a new national park that would be quite literally be out of this world - on the Moon.

Another rhino killed by poachers in Kaziranga

A rhino was killed and its horn removed at the Kaziranga National Park in Assam making it the fifth to have fallen prey to poachers this month.

Jairam steps in to save Bharatpur bird sanctuary

Jairam Ramesh has stepped in to save Rajasthan`s Keoladevi national park from turning into a dryland.

‘Ranthambore National Park is home to 40 tigers’

There are 40 tigers in the Ranthambore
National Park (RNP) as per the 2009 census of the big cat, the
Assembly was informed on Wednesday.

One-horned rhinos find safe haven in UP``s Dudhwa National Park

The Dudhwa National Park, which is located in the foothills of Himalayas in Uttar Pradesh, has become an ideal home to the famed one horned rhinoceros that is listed among the endangered species.

Time running out for Dudhwa`s tigers

Tigers have no place to hide in Dudhwa National Park. With trains and buses plying through the sanctuary, poachers move around easily to pick their targets.

Man litters national park with 3,000 golf balls

A man who said he hurled thousands of golf balls into Joshua Tree National Park for more than a year to honor deceased golfers will be explaining his tribute to a federal magistrate.

Poachers trying to poison rhinos in Assam`s national park

Forest authorities in Indian state of Assam have intensified patrol at a famed national park as there are fears that poacher gangs might try and kill animals by poisoning the grass instead of gunning down the wildlife.