Karzai bans Afghan forces from seeking airstrikes

President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday officially banned Afghan security forces from requesting international airstrikes during operations in residential areas.

NATO airstrikes on Afghan homes to be limited

The US-led military coalition in Afghanistan is limiting airstrikes against houses to self-defense for troops.

Nine Afghan girls injured in NATO air raid

Nine schoolgirls were injured in
a NATO helicopter attack in Afghanistan`s eastern Nangarhar province, an Afghan official alleged Wednesday.

Border coordination centers not closed: Pakistan

Pakistan has not shut border coordination centres, authorities said after NATO airstrikes close to the Afghanistan border.

Pakistan pulls out of liaison posts; US concerned

Pakistan temporarily recalled few troops from border posts meant to coordinate with international forces in Afghanistan.

No repetition of attack on Pakistani soldiers: US

The US would ensure there is no repetition of incidents like the Nov 26 attack, US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has said.

US not to scale down ops against Taliban

The US has said that there will
be no scale down in its military operations against Taliban linked militants in Afghanistan.

Pak to boycott Afghan conference over NATO raids

Pak govt on Tuesday decided to boycott an international conference on the future of Afghanistan in retaliation to the NATO raids on its border posts.

Pak leaders need to lower their rhetoric: US media

In the aftermath of the NATO air strike that killed 24 soldiers, a leading US
daily Tuesday warned top Pakistani leaders to lower their rhetoric before things get out of control.

Gaddafi defiant as Libya rebels consolidate gains

Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi vowed to resist both rebels and NATO air strikes, as the insurgents sought to consolidate gains on one front and readied to push forward on another.

NATO, Afghan Army kill at least 13 Taliban

NATO is carrying out airstrikes against an empty school building in eastern Afghanistan.

Zuma condemns NATO airstrikes on Tripoli

Alliance leaders have voiced concerns about sustaining the operations if the Libya mission drags on.

Afghan Prez warns NATO not to become "occupying force"

Angered by civilian casualties, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Tuesday he will no longer allow NATO airstrikes on houses.

NATO calls for Gaddafi ouster as bombs hit Tripoli

Military action was first launched by UK, France and US but NATO took over the operation 2 weeks ago.