‘Pakistan, US mistrust is increasing’

The mistrust between Pakistan and the US is increasing following the Nov 26 NATO attack and this could "lead to a great many dangers in the future".

NATO attack: `US forces acted in self-defence`

NATO said that mistakes were
committed on both sides that resulted in the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Will seek surety and guarantees from US: Gilani

Gilani contended that most of the problems in Pakistan-US ties were due to understandings forged by the previous military regime.

Sri Lanka govt ally protests NATO attack in Pak

The NATO air strike had left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead
along the Pak-Afghan border.

Panetta asked not to appease Pak before probe over

Coffman said that while the US relationship with Pakistan
is definitely important to its security goals in the region.

NATO attack: Pakistanis demand end to US ties

During a huge rally organised in Lahore, lawyers` groups urged the government to stop providing any logistical support to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

US asked to vacate Shamsi airbase by Dec 11

Pak`s top leadership
said the US had been asked to vacate Shamsi airbase, believed
to be used by CIA-operated drones.

‘Enough is enough, NATO can’t spill Pak blood now’

Khar said the decisions to ask the US to vacate the Shamsi air base ant not to attend the Bonn conference were final.

NATO attack was blatant aggression: Pak Army

Pak`s decision to boycott next week`s meeting in Bonn, Germany, will deprive the talks of a key player that could nudge Taliban militants into a peace process.

China shocked, Pakistan fumes over NATO attack

A Western official and an Afghan security official said NATO troops were responding to fire from across the border.

Fire from Pak led to NATO attack: Afghan official

Pakistan`s political leaders and military establishment have reacted with unprecedented anger to the soldiers` deaths.

‘US-Pak ties merely a transactional relationship`

Islamabad has blocked the NATO supply
route to Afghanistan and has asked the US to close
its secretive Shamsi air base.

NATO attack: Pakistanis protest at US consulate

US and NATO officials are trying to defuse tensions but the soldiers` deaths are testing Washington-Islamabad ties.

NATO attack: Pak to boycott Bonn Conference

The Pakistan government also asked the US to vacate the Shamsi airbase, believed to be the main base for CIA-operated drones, in 15 days.

Pakistan to blame for NATO attack, says daily

A similar strike on September 2010 left two Pakistani soldiers dead and 11 others died in June 2008.

CIA chief says Gadhafi alive after hit on house

A NATO airstrike recently reduced much of the Libyan leader`s family compound to rubble.

Afghanistan: Taliban leader, 7 others killed in NATO attack

Taliban leader Maulawi Jawadullah was accused of organising deadly ambushes.

Afghan govt says NATO attack killed 6 civilians

The Afghan govt said NATO forces killed 6 civilians during a pre-dawn operation Tuesday in E Afghanistan. NATO disputed the allegation saying only militants died.