NATO commander accuses Russia of destabilising eastern Ukraine

NATO`s top military commander accused Russia on Wednesday of destabilising eastern Ukraine through the use of Russian-backed forces and demanded that it stop interfering.

Obama names Breedlove as new NATO commander

President Barack Obama is set to nominate on Friday Air Force General Philip Breedlove as new NATO commander, after the earlier nominee John Allen decided to retire.

John Allen to be nominated as Nato commander

The White House said that it will go ahead with nominating John Allen as the Nato commander in Europe.

Gen Allen resumes command duty in Afghanistan

Allen had been in Washington when news of his problematic email correspondence with Florida socialite Jill Kelley surfaced last Monday.

Signs of al-Qaida in Libyan rebels: NATO commander

Al-Qaida, other terrorists could have a small presence among Libyan rebels.

Burning Quran endangers troops: Top US commander

The top US and NATO commander in Afghan warned an American church`s threat to burn copies.