Pak, US sign deal on NATO supply in Afghansitan

The MoU states arms and ammunition for foreign troops in Afghanistan cannot be transported through Pakistan.

Thousands protest Pakistan`s reopening of NATO supply route

Thousands of people in northwest Pakistan Tuesday staged a sit-in on the main supply route for NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Bureaucracy slows NATO supplies through Pakistan

Bureaucratic delays have largely held up shipments to troops in Afghanistan, Pakistani officials said.

Pak to re-open NATO supply routes as US apologises

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said that the US was “sorry” for the damages caused to Pakistani military, reports said.

NATO supply route: US withdraws negotiating team from Pak

Pentagon said it is withdrawing its team of negotiators from Pak for a "short period of time" after having failed to secure a NATO supply route deal.

Pak radicals press govt over NATO supply routes

The extremist leaders warned, they
would protest outside parliament if any step is taken to
reopen the supply routes.

‘China snubbed US offer on NATO supply route’

The move by Washington to seek help from China was aimed to reduce its dependence on Pakistan.

Pak unearths smuggling racket exploiting NATO supply route

Authorities here have unearthed a major smuggling racket which was involved in transporting the contraband goods into Pakistan in containers registered for the use of NATO troops in Afghanistan.