Google Maps update adds third party transit service, offline viewing feature

Google maps` update adds tweaks to navigation, offline maps, and the option to grab an Uber cab.

Pigeons use mental map to navigate

Homing pigeons fly off from an unknown place in unfamiliar territory and still manage to find their way home using a mental map, a new study has revealed.

Bats` and rats` brains work differently on the move

Scientists have found significant differences between the rhythms in a part of the brain used in navigation in rats and bats.

Monarch butterflies use landmarks to reach wintering sites

Monarch butterflies fly without a map, and use basic orientation and landmarks to find their way to their wintering sites, thousands of miles away.

Ants can use vibrational and magnetic landmarks for navigation

Scientists have found that ants are equipped with a number of sophisticated navigation tools.

Your GPS may not always be right

Too many travellers are letting technology lull them into a false sense of security.

India to launch satellite navigation system

GAGAN will place India in a select group of nations which possess such technology.

Butterfly antennas key to navigating in migration

Millions of Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico for the winter and scientists have long speculated on how the insects find their way. Turns out, their antennas are the key.