Court frames charges against five in Naval War Room leak case

A Delhi court on Monday framed charges against five persons, including three former naval officers and an ex-IAF Wing Commander, in the 2006 Naval War Room leak case.

Navy officer penalised over junior`s death

A senior Navy officer has been awarded the punishment of loss of three years seniority by a court martial after a junior officer under his command died after drowning during an exercise off the coast of Gujarat two years ago.

Navy officer dismissed for sending lewd messages to women

After the wife-swapping allegations, the Navy has been hit by another embarrassment as one of its Commanders has been found guilty of sending lewd messages to several women and subsequently dismissed.

Navy officer completes circumnavigation; Prez receives him

President Pranab Mukherjee accorded a warm welcome to Indian Navy`s Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy who became the first Indian to circumnavigate the globe, solo and non-stop, over a 150-day voyage.

Canadian naval officer admits to spying for Russia

A Canadian naval officer has pleaded guilty to charges of selling classified information to the Russian military.

Navy officer to be relieved of command

Navy officer who showed raunchy videos to the crew is expected to be relieved of his command.

Navy officer to set record with `Sagar Parikrama`

A naval officer is all set to
create a record for the first-ever solo circumnavigation of
the globe on a sail boat by an Indian on May 22, when he
returns to Mumbai after a 277-day effort.