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Singapore angry at Indonesia move to name Navy ship for convicted bombers

Anger is mounting in Singapore over neighbouring Indonesia`s decision to name a new naval ship after two marines executed for a 1960s bombing in the city state`s main shopping district.

Indian Navy ship docks in Bali

An Indian Navy sail training ship is on an expedition to retrace the route along monsoon winds.

China says navy ship hits rocks in disputed waters

China`s Defence Ministry says one of its navy`s missile frigates has run aground while conducting patrols in a disputed part of the South China Sea near the Philippines.

Navy ship that buried bin Laden stops in Hawaii

The USS Carl Vinson was in the North Arabian Sea when it received a Navy SEAL team carrying the body of

Navy ship on anti-piracy mission to join Seychelles Day fete

An Indian Navy ship on an
anti-piracy mission in Seychelles waters at present will join
the celebrations of the island nation`s National Day tomorrow.

S Korean President wants strong response to N Korea

South Korean leader also stresses on the need to bolster military readiness.

Prepare for N Korea aggression: Obama to military

Obama "fully supports" S Korea`s response to the torpedo attack by N Korea.

US in consultation with S Korea over ship-sinking row

The US is in talks with Seoul, which is designing next step against N Korea.

NKorea warns of war if punished for ship sinking

North Korea has warned of going to war if South takes sanctions against it.

Seoul believes N-Korea torpedoed navy ship: Report

South Korea`s military believes that
a North Korean submarine launched a torpedo attack that sank a
South Korean warship last month near their disputed sea
border, Yonhap news agency said on Thursday.

External explosion likely sank ship: S Korea

An external explosion most likely sank a South Korean Navy ship that split apart three weeks ago, an investigator said on Friday, amid concerns about possible North Korea involvement in the disaster.

N Korea denies involvement in S Korean ship sinking

North Korea has denied any involvement in a mysterious blast that sank a South Korean Navy ship last month near their disputed sea border, a news report said on Saturday.

Torpedo may have sunk Navy ship: South Korea

South Korea has not ruled out blaming a torpedo strike for sinking one of its Navy ships in waters near a contested sea border with North Korea, Defence Minister Kim Tae-young said on Friday.

Anger among relatives of missing marines in SKorea

Relatives of marines missing after a South Korean military ship sank near the disputed sea border with North Korea are protesting over a lack of information about what caused the disaster.

S Korean Navy ship rescues N Korean soldier: Report

South Korea`s Navy rescued a North Korean soldier who ended up in the South`s waters while fishing and the man wants to be returned home, a report said on Monday.