Mother of Briton murdered in China renews compensation call

The mother of a Briton whose murder led to the downfall of high-flying Chinese politician Bo Xilai has hit out at Beijing for failing to pay compensation over his death, saying it left a "stain" on China`s reputation.

Bo Xilai case: Chinese court agrees to hear appeal against conviction

A Chinese high court on Wednesday reportedly agreed to hear appeal from the disgraced politician Bo Xilai who has been convicted of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power and sentenced to life.

Heywood family close to compensation deal with Gu:

Relatives of Neil Heywood, the British businessman murdered by the wife of powerful Chinese politician Bo Xilai, are close to agreeing compensation with her representatives, a lawyer said on Monday.

Bo Xilai`s son enrols at prestigious US law school

The son of disgraced Chinese senior politician Bo Xilai does not plan to return to his homeland for his father`s trial.

Bo Xilai expelled from China’s Parliament

China`s Parliament expelled disgraced former senior politician Bo Xilai, setting the stage for criminal proceedings against the once-rising political star.

Gu Kailai gets suspended death sentence for murder

Disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai`s wife Gu Kailai was on Monday handed down a suspended death sentence for killing Neil Haywood.

Heywood murder: China to announce verdict on Monday

A Chinese court will deliver a verdict in the murder trial of disgraced politician Bo Xilai`s wife on Monday.

‘Heywood murder case findings challenged’

Heywood’s friends also disputed key parts of the chronology that was presented by prosecutors during last week`s trial of Bo`s wife, Gu Kailai

Gu confesses killing Briton, 4 police officials admit cover-up

Four top police officers admitted covering up the murder of Neil Heywood a day after the trial ended.

Gu Xilai admits to murder in China trial

The court wound up the case involving Gu Kailai and her orderly Zhang Xiaojun, hours after it began and stated that four police officers will also go on trial in the case for alleged cover up.

China: Gu Kailai murder trial on August 9

Heywood, a businessman regarded as a close friend of Bo was found dead in a hotel in Chongqing on November 15, 2011.

Neil Heywood murder: Bo Xilai’s wife OKs lawyers

The wife of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai has agreed to be defended by two government-appointed lawyers in the murder case against her.

China: Xilai’s wife Kailai charged with murder of UK businessman

In more trouble for Gu Kailai, the wife of the disgraced political leader Bo Xilai, has been charged with the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood.

China: Wife of Bo Xilai admits murdering Heywood

Gu Kailai said she killed Neil Heywood to stop him from revealing the billions of dollars she illegally moved to overseas accounts.

Briton killed in China was not a spy: UK minister

William Hague says a UK businessman who died in suspicious circumstances in China was not working as a British spy.

Bo bugged phone call to China President Hu: Report

Nearly a dozen sources with Communist Party ties had confirmed the wiretapping and the widespread bugging programme.

Heywood case: China `murder cover-up began quickly`

Local officials initially told Neil Heywood’s family that he died of excessive drinking, while Heywood hardly ever touched alcohol.

`Heywood left meagre savings for family in China`

Police suspect Neil Heywood was the victim of a poisoning engineered by the wife of ousted Chongqing Communist Party boss Bo Xilai.

China’s PM demands more anti-graft efforts

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao`s message differed little from previous calls to fight endemic corruption.

China: More non-communists as department heads

Currently, two ministers in the cabinet are not members of the ruling Communist Party of China.