Six killed, three missing as landslides hit Nepal

At least Six people were killed and three went missing after rain-triggred landslides struck central and western Nepal, where a restaurant located on the banks of a lake in tourist spot Pokhara was burried on Monday.

At least 53 killed in Nepal floods and mudslides

Flash floods and mudslides following heavy rains have killed at least 53 people in Nepal over the past three days and cut off remote communities in the mountains, the government said on Saturday.

13 killed in Nepal landslides

At least 13 people, including nine from one family, were killed in two separate incidents of landslide triggered by heavy rains in western Nepal.

12 killed in Nepal landslides: Police

Landslides triggered by heavy rains killed at least 12 people overnight in Nepal, including nine members of the same family who were buried alive when their home collapsed, eyewitnesses and police said Friday.

Seven killed in Nepal landslides

At least seven people, including two children, were killed and seven others injured when landslides swept away three houses in north-east Nepal on Tuesday, police said.

Five killed, five missing in Nepal landslides

Five people were killed and another five went missing due to landslides triggered by incessant rain in two districts of western Nepal Monday.

Dutchman among 16 killed in Nepal landslides

A Dutchman was among 16 people
killed in Nepal by landslides triggered by torrential rain in
the country`s mountainous districts in the last 24-hours.