Cruise ship carrying nearly 200 people evacuated in Netherlands

A cruise ship carrying 154 passengers and 40 crew was evacuated after it sprang a leak on a river in the eastern Netherlands early on Sunday morning, emergency services said.

Netherlands slashes gas production after quake protests

The Dutch government said on Friday it would slash gas production in Europe`s biggest field by 20 percent over three years after protests by villagers who blame the extraction for causing earthquakes.

Dutch vote in an election crucial for debt crisis

Dutch voters are set to elect a new parliament Wednesday.

Dutch top FIFA rankings without kicking a ball

Netherlands went top of the FIFA world rankings for the first time on Wednesday without playing a match in the last month.

Dutch monarch okays govt backed by anti-Islam MP

Dutch rightist VVD party is likely to form a minority cabinet backed by anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders.

World Cup: Ode to the perfect pass

For the climax of the World Cup, it is all coming down to the art of the perfect pass.

Netherlands beat England 4-3 to win bronze

The Netherlands, who were strong contenders for World Cup crown, finally ended to earn the third spot as they defeated England four goals to three.