Fast-moving pulsar firing record-breaking jet spotted

NASA`s Chandra X-ray Observatory has spotted a fast-moving pulsar escaping from a supernova remnant while spewing out a record-breaking jet of high-energy particles.

Triple star system can reveal gravity`s secrets

Astronomers have said that a newly discovered triple system featuring a neutron star and two white dwarfs have given them best opportunity yet to study complex gravitational interactions and may give clue to true nature of gravity.

Fast radio bursts` may be coming from nearby stars

Researchers have claimed that "fast radio bursts", lasting for only a thousandth of a second, may be coming from within our own galaxy, and not from galaxies billions of light-years away as previously believed.

Rare magnetar found near supernova remnant

Astronomers have discovered a new transient magnetar near supernova remnant SNR Kesteven 79.

`Youngest` neutron star binary found

X-rays streaming towards Earth from the region near a neutron star that is cannibalizing its companion star are the youngest "X-ray binary" yet known, according to scientists.

How neutron star can change from radio pulsar to X-ray pulsar and back

Astronomers have uncovered the mystery behind a neutron star, which has the peculiar ability to transform from a radio pulsar into an X-ray pulsar and back again.

Millisecond pulsar with dual identity discovered

Scientists using a fleet of orbiting X-ray telescopes, including NASA`s Swift and Chandra X-ray Observatory have found a millisecond pulsar with a dual identity.

What causes violent birth of neutron stars?

Researchers conducted the most expensive and most elaborate computer simulations so far to study the formation of neutron stars at the center of collapsing stars with unprecedented accuracy.

NASA`s Swift sees spinning star slowing down

Using NASA`s Swift X-ray Telescope, astronomers have observed a spinning neutron star suddenly slowing down, yielding clues they can use to understand these extremely dense objects.

Young neutron star experienced tremendous hiccup during fastest rotation

Max Planck scientists have discovered a young and energetic neutron star with an unusually irregular rotation.

NASA captures thermonuclear behaviour of neutron star

NASA’s Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) has captured the month-long fusillade of a unique neutron star near the centre of our galaxy erupting with hundreds of X-ray bursts.

Neutron star mocks normal models

Amsterdam astronomers have discovered a neutron star that mocks existing models for thermonuclear explosions.

Neutron star hit by super giant matter flares up

The flare took place on a neutron star, the collapsed heart of a once much larger star. Now about 10 km in diameter, the neutron star is so dense that it generates a strong gravitational field.

Most massive neutron star discovered

The discovery of the most massive neutron star could have wide-ranging impacts across several fields.

Carbon atmosphere discovered on neutron star

NASA`s Chandra X-ray Observatory has come across evidence for a thin veil of carbon on the neutron star in the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant.

Discovery by astrophysicists to reveal size of neutron star

An intl team of astrophysicists, led by Sudip Bhattacharyya from TIFR have made a discovery using `thermonuclear burst` to reveal the true size of Neutron stars.