30 new species of spider spotted in Xishuangbanna tropical rain forests in China
30 new species of spider spotted in Xishuangbanna tropical rain forests in China

Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have spotted 30 new species of spider in Xishuangbanna tropical rain forests in China.

27 new species found in Tanzania mountain forests: Study

Twenty-seven new vertebrate species have been found in Tanzania's Eastern Arc Mountain forests, said a new study availed by Xinhua Monday.

Mumbai scientist gets new lizard species named after him

Varad B Giri, senior scientist at the Bombay Natural History Society has been honoured with a new species of gecko, named after him, which he discovered last year from the Western Ghats in Maharashtra.

367 new species discovered in Mekong river in two years: WWF

A giant flying squirrel, a skydiving gecko and an eyeless cave-dwelling spider are among the 367 new species that have been discovered in the Greater Mekong region in the past two years, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said Thursday.

New species added to invertebrates list after UAE discovery

A new species has been added to the global list of invertebrates after an unexpected discovery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Indian scientists discover 14 new species of `dancing frogs` in Western Ghats

In an exciting find, scientists have discovered as many as 14 new species of dancing frogs from the forests of Western Ghats in southern India.

Five new species of armoured spiders discovered in Southeast China caves

Lurking in the darkness of caves in Southeast China, scientists have discovered five new species of armoured spiders.

Four new species of legless lizards discovered

Scientists have discovered four new species of legless lizards living in unlikely habitats in California.

New beetle species discovered in Philippines

Scientists have discovered a tiny new species of aquatic beetle in a bustling university campus here in the Philippine capital.

New species of spoon worm found in Japan

Japanese scientists have discovered a new species of the bizarrely shaped spoon worm, which is pinkish-yellow in colour with a body length of 10 cm.

US aquarium showcases newly discovered species

Danny Muñoz, a marine biologist at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, is part of the team behind an exhibit of more than a dozen newly discovered species for the facility`s new Wonders of the Deep gallery.

Top 10 newly discovered species revealed

A global committee of taxonomists - scientists responsible for species exploration and classification - has announced a list of top 10 new species discovered in 2012.

Researches discover new species of dragonfly in Goa

Researchers have discovered a new species of dragonfly from a wildlife sanctuary in Goa.

New species of marine reptile found in Iraq

Ichthyosaurs are marine reptiles known from hundreds of fossils from the time of the dinosaurs.

A mistake gave India a new species of butterfly

The mistake of shipping weed to India along with a consignment of wheat from the USA during the 1950s inadvertently gifted India a beautiful species of butterfly.

New species found in Mekong, but survival uncertain: WWF

Wildlife is struggling to survive in the Greater Mekong region despite 126 new species being discovered, researchers say.

New species of primate identified in Indonesia

Scientists have discovered a new species of slow loris, a small nocturnal primate, in Borneo.

New species of coelacanth fish discovered

Scientists have discovered a new species of coelacanth fish whose tiny pieces of fossil skull are 100 million years old.

French ship discovers 1 mn new species in world`s oceans

A French research ship has found one million new species, mainly plankton, and the world`s longest animal - a siphonophore which can extend for up to 150 feet, lurking in the world`s oceans.

New species can evolve in around 6,000 years

A new species can emerge much faster than previously thought – in as little as 6,000 years– according to a study of Australian sea stars.