New York cop "assassin" telegraphed intentions on Instagram

Popular photo-sharing service Instagram on Saturday took down the account of the man said to be behind the "assassination" of two New York City police officers, after the 28-year-old gunman`s veiled threats and provocative messages went viral in the wake of the execution-style shootings.

New York cops' killing: Black gunman posted anti-police threats on Instagram
New York cops' killing: Black gunman posted anti-police threats on Instagram

In what appears to be a revenge for cop killings of black men, two New York police Department police officers were on Saturday afternoon shot in head while sitting in their patrol car by a black gunman who later killed himself.

Suspected shoplifters in New York found with human foetus

Security guards who stopped two 17-year-old girls suspected of shoplifting at a Victoria`s Secret store found a human foetus inside a bag one of them was carrying.

US police arrest two Taliban supporters

The New York City police say two men who wanted to buy boots, winter coats and other gear for Taliban fighters have been arrested on state-level terrorism charges.

US college graduate sues NYPD over `stop-and-frisk`

A Bard College graduate is suing the NYPD after police frisked her to the point of a semi-strip search.

Superstorm Sandy: US faces petrol shortage, transport woes

Three days after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the US East Coast, millions of Americans are now confronted with gas shortages.

NYPD cop plotted to ‘rape, cook` 100 women, held

Gilberto Valle III, of Queens, is also accused of using the National Crime Information Centre database to access unauthorised data.

NY: `96% of shooting victims are blacks/Hispanics`

A new report by the New York Police Department shows that 96 percent of shooting victims in the United States are either black or Hispanic.

NYPD punishes 17 cops for racist comments

Around 150 comments were posted by several cops on Facebook, with many branding the parade revellers as ‘savages’ and ‘animals’.

Let Sikhs wear turban, beard: New York official

A senior New York City official has asked Mayor Michael Bloomberg to allow Sikh police officers to serve without forsaking their turbans.

Who threatened killings at Mike Tyson’s show?

The US Police are investigating the origins of a Twitter post by a user who threatened to kill people attending a Broadway show.

Hasidic Jew fired from NYPD over beard length

New York City police department makes exceptions for beards kept for religious purposes, but even then only allows 1 millimetre worth of growth.

`NYPD Muslim surveillance legal`

Muslim leaders want a formal investigation and a clampdown on the NYPD`s cross-border operations.

New York police arrest Caribbean diplomat

A senior Caribbean diplomat has accused New York City Police Department of flagrant violation of the rules of diplomatic immunity.

NYPD surveillance of students called `disgusting`

Documents obtained by a news agency show that NYPD used undercover officers and informants to infiltrate Muslim student groups.

NYPD ‘secretly monitored’ Muslim students

The New York Police Department monitored Muslim college students far more broadly than previously known.

Investigate NYPD: Muslims to attorney general

Documents showed the New York Police Department recommending increased surveillance of Shi’ite mosques based on their religion.

New York police sought to spy on Shi’te Muslims

A copy of a May 2006 NYPD intelligence report on Iran says police should expand clandestine operations at Shi’ite mosques.

Hindu, Muslim groups condemn New York attacks

Homemade firebombs were hurled at a house used for Hindu worship services, Islamic centre Imam Al-Khoei Foundation on Jan 01.

Mother of bomb plot suspect apologises to NYers

Jose Pimentel was arrested on charges of plotting to build and detonate a bomb in New York.