No arrests for possession of marijuana 25 grams or less in New York

New York: New Yorkers found possessing marijuana 25 grammes or less will no longer be arrested but instead be given criminal court summons, a shift in policy aimed at rebuilding the frayed relationship between police and communities.

New York police end Muslim surveillance program

The New York Police Department says it has disbanded a special unit whose efforts to try to detect terror threats in Muslim communities through secret surveillance sparked outrage.
The NYPD confirmed the decision yesterday.

NYPD officer arrested in Delhi for carrying bullets in luggage

A New York Police Department officer has been arrested and charged here under Arms Act after three bullets were found in his luggage, police said on Friday.

Judge asked to bar monitoring of Muslims by New York Police Department

A federal judge today revisited a decades-old court settlement restricting how the New York Police Department conducts surveillance after civil rights lawyers accused the department of breaking those rules by monitoring Muslims.

NYPD secretly labelled mosques as terrorism organisations

The New York Police Department has secretly labelled entire mosques as terrorism organisations.

Civil rights groups sue NY police on Muslim spying

Civil rights lawyers urged a US judge to declare the New York Police Department`s widespread spying programme directed at Muslims to be unconstitutional.

New York police defends itself on Muslim surveillance

The New York Police Department is defending itself in a federal civil rights lawsuit over its surveillance of Muslims.

Urdu, Bengali speakers cause for suspicion in NY

After 9/11 attacks, city police say they give particular attention to Urdu and Bengali speakers when they eavesdrop to gather information on terrorists.

NYPD pioneers new dirty bomb detection system

The technology is expected to increase NY Police Department`s ability to thwart a radiation attack.