Facebook's new feature now lets you clean up news feeds better
Facebook's new feature now lets you clean up news feeds better

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Are you tired of seeing every single post of a person whom you barely know? Don't get cranky as Facebook now offers a new way for users to remove junk from their news feeds.

Facebook says won't miss out on key stories for its users
Facebook says won't miss out on key stories for its users

The social networking site Facebook is updating its news feed to feature right content at the right time, so that users do not miss out on key stories.

Facebook to penalize pages asking for likes, shares

This might come as a bad news for all the pages on Facebook who lure and intice users into liking and sharing their content to boost its circulation.Facebook is reportedly planning to punish such pages for the convenience of users.

Facebook testing `read-it-later` button for News Feed

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature for its News Feed that would allow users to save feed articles for later readings.

Facebook`s redesigned News Feed just `subtle` tweak of original

Facebook has launched its redesigned News Feed, which is nothing like its previous overhauls but a subtle tweak displaying larger pictures in the feed.

Facebook`s new `same old` News Feed to have bigger photos

Facebook`s constant tweaking of its News Feed apparently doesn`t help much, as the latest change is really just the old feed with bigger photos and different font .

Facebook inserts unsolicited Page posts in News Feed to help users `discover interests`

Facebook has reportedly again tweaked its News Feed by inserting unasked for posts in a bid to help users find conversations of interest.

Facebook not planning to flood News Feed with ads, says COO

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has reportedly announced that the company has no plans to flood the News Feed with ads.

Facebook to limit text posts from Pages

Facebook has reportedly warned page administrators that it would show their text-only status updates to a smaller batch of followers.

Facebook goes Twitter way by adding `Trending` feature to News Feed

Facebook has reportedly introduced a `Trending` feature from Twitter to its social networking service that would allow users to put spotlight on most popular topics across the network.

Facebook adds video ads to News Feed

Facebook on Tuesday began serving up video ads that pop up and play when users check their news feeds.

Facebook set to finally launch auto-play video ads in news feeds

From this week onwards, Facebook will finally start rolling out video advertisements in its news feed, both on the web and mobiles. The first ad will be a teaser trailer of about 15 seconds for the March release of Divergent.

Facebook`s `high quality` News Feed tweaking decoded!

Facebook recently announced that it will be tweaking the News Feed of its users in order to deliver them more `high quality` content by pushing down things like ` meme photos` harder to see, however, this has apparently upset publishers of such content.

Facebook phases in "Unfollow" button

Facebook Inc has replaced its "Hide All" button with the more succinct "Unfollow," letting users block all messages and posts from selected friends.

Facebook to replace `Hide All` with `Unfollow` button

In the host of other tweaks to its features, Facebook is now rolling out an ` Unfollow` button that will replace the `Hide All` option.

Facebook updates News Feed to show more `high quality content`

Facebook has reportedly updated its News Feed to show more high quality content to its users, including news articles and current events.

Facebook testing feature to resurface old posts on timeline

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that would let users bring back old posts on their Timeline.

Facebook testing `save for later ` reading feature

Facebook is reportedly testing a feature to let users save shared links on the site for later reading, similar to apps like Instapaper and Pocket.

Facebook testing Twitter-like trending topics section

Facebook is on a major experimentation trip these days. To make Facebook even more useful and popular, Facebook is testing new things, the latest being the Trending Topics section.

Facebook adjusts News Feed to feature more high quality content

Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm to ensure it displays more `high quality` content from pages that users engage with.