Facebook rolls out `Save` feature to recall News Feeds

Facebook announced on Monday a new link-saving service called `Save`, which will allow users to save a link found in the News Feed to his or her account. With the item saved, the user can then recall all saved items at a later time.

Mark Zuckerberg unveils Facebook`s next 10-year plans

Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg has prepared a blueprint of plans for his company to take it to even greater heights. In his 10-year plan he has outlined his vision for Facebook and he intends to do that by increasing the resources.

Now, pay to promote your friends` Facebook posts

If you really like a friend`s Facebook post, you would be asked to shell out some cash to ensure it gets seen by others on the social networking site.

Facebook wins US patent for `news feeds`

Facebook has won a US patent on news feeds behind the kinds of real-time updates that make social-networking websites a hit with users.