Obama signs bill targeting Venezuelan officials

 US President Barack Obama Thursday signed into law a bill slapping sanctions on Venezuelan officials allegedly involved in a violent crackdown on anti-government protests in the South American country.

`Stupid` US sanctions won`t undo my government: Maduro

 President Nicolas Maduro charged Saturday that tighter, "stupid" new US sanctions are just further straining to undermine military staff loyalty after Venezuela derailed a bid to oust him.

Maradona says he's a 'soldier' of Venezuela
Maradona says he's a 'soldier' of Venezuela

Argentina football legend Diego Armando Maradona said he's a "soldier" of Venezuela after a short meeting with President Nicolas Maduro.

US Congress approves fresh sanctions on Venezuela

The US Congress gave its final approval Wednesday to new sanctions against Venezuelan officials accused of violating the human rights of anti-government protestors this year.

Venezuelan leader says racism in US worse under Obama

Racism in the United States appears to have worsened during the administration of its first black leader, Venezuela`s President Nicolas Maduro said on Saturday.

Venezuela opposition leader charged over `plot` to kill President

Venezuelan prosecutors charged a prominent opposition leader with conspiracy Wednesday in relation to an alleged plot to assassinate leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan opposition leader vows to appear in court

 Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado said she won`t flee the country after receiving a court subpoena over her alleged role in plotting an attempted coup against President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela vows police `purge` after lawmaker`s murder

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has vowed to conduct a "major purge" of the police force following the brutal murder of a top lawmaker earlier this month. 

Venezuela interior minister sacked after clashes

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro abruptly replaced his interior minister on Friday, weeks after violent clashes in Caracas which left five people dead.

Venezuelan President links lawmaker's murder to US-backed groups

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said that the murder of a young Socialist lawmaker is linked to groups financed by former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe and "mafias" backed by US.

Venezuela livid over US TV show depicting Maduro buying chemical arms

Venezuela has opened a probe into a US television drama series that depicts President Nicolas Maduro as buying chemical weapons on the black market to put down anti-government protests.

Venezuelan President shakes up cabinet

Venezuela`s President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday replaced Rafael Ramirez as head of the country`s state oil giant PDVSA and appointed him as foreign minister.

BRICS summit to change course of 21st century: Venezuelan President

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said the decisions taken at the BRICS summit will change the course of the 21st century, media reported Wednesday.

Major Venezuelan newspaper to be sold

One of Venezuela`s oldest and most prestigious newspapers has been sold amid increasing government pressure on the country`s press.

Death toll from Venezuela protests hits 43

At least 43 people have died in opposition protests against President Nicolas Maduro that began in February, a non-government group has said after a student died from a bullet wound.

Venezuela implicates US envoy in opposition plot

The accusation was the latest in a barrage of attacks by Maduro`s socialist government on the US, which Venezuelan leaders contend is behind three months of anti-government protests that have resulted in 42 deaths.

Venezuela accuses US envoy of plotting Maduro murder

Venezuela`s ruling party accused opposition members and the US ambassador to Colombia on Wednesday of plotting a coup and the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro.

Clashes flare after Venezuela student camps raided, 1 dead

Venezuelan troops on Thursday rounded up hundreds of youth activists and dismantled camps set up to protest against President Nicolas Maduro, and a policeman was shot dead in the demonstrations and clashes that ensued around Caracas.

Venezuela, Panama to relaunch diplomatic ties

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Panamanian president-elect Juan Carlos Varela have pledged to waste no time in normalising relations and relaunching diplomatic, economic and trade ties cut off two months ago, Venezuela`s foreign ministry said Monday.

Scores of Venezuelans march against government

Scores of opponents of President Nicolas Maduro are marching in Caracas, vowing to remain on the streets in defiance of a high court ruling limiting protests.